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Unorthodox is the debut studio album by Mexican-American rapper Snow Tha Product . It was released on October 26, 2011, by her independently-incorporated affiliated record labels Street Science Entertainment and Product ENT. [2] The album was preceded by the release of her second mixtape, titled Unorthodox (hosted by DJ Whoo Kid ); including some of these songs that were linked for the album. [3] These accompanied music videos were released from the album; including "Drunk Love", "Woke Wednesday" and "Holy Shit", and all these videos has nearly shifted 3 million views on YouTube , as of June 2013. [4]

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The album's lead single " Drop & Gimme 50 " features Hurricane Chris . The album's second single " Cuddy Buddy " featuring T-Pain , Twista and Lil Wayne . The album's third single " Next to You " featuring Nae Nae. The album's fourth single " Swagg Thru The Roof " featuring Swole. The album's fifth single "Boi!" featuring Young Problemz.

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essay potna wiki
essay potna wiki

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