Thesis about role playing games

Lebaron, J. The Potential of Jigsaw Role Playing to Promote the Social Construction of Knowledge in an Online Graduate Education Course . Teachers College Record . v. 107 no. 8 (August 2005) p. 1652-74

The main social objective of education is to complete the socialization process. The family gets the child, but the modern family tends to leave much undone in the socialisation process. The school and other institutions have come into being in place of family to complete the socialization process.

Events are put on for the benefit of the players , who take on roles called player characters ( PCs ) that the players may create themselves or be given by the gamemasters. Players sometimes play the same character repeatedly at separate events, progressively developing the character and its relations with other characters and the setting.

Peterson, Jamie
Thesis Title: "Gendered Public Policy: A Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Texas Legislation and Public Communications Regarding the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine"

This study aimed at investigating the role of graded readers in developing students’ speaking skills as well as the possible activities meant to develop the students’ speaking skills through reading graded readers.  The primary purpose of the study was not only to report and inform about all these, but also to investigate and find beneficial outcomes of these practices and attitudes.

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It develops students' listening: while role-playing, students practice listening when trying to get information from their partners.

Play therapy can also be used as a tool of diagnosis. A play therapist observes a client playing with toys (play-houses, pets, dolls, etc.) to determine the cause of the disturbed behavior. The objects and patterns of play, as well as the willingness to interact with the therapist, can be used to understand the underlying rationale for behavior both inside and outside of therapy session. Caution, however, should be taken when using play therapy for assessment and/or diagnostic purposes. [1]

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Thesis about role playing games

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thesis about role playing games
thesis about role playing games

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