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Essay Writing Guide ... GCSE: Blood Brothers. Browse by... Willy Russell is the author of the play 'Blood Brothers'. 'Blood Brother' is set in Liverpool which ...

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I can see the huge impact on that particular community because of the lack of proper education and strong family values. The two brothers, who were separated at birth, are in two opposite classes, Mickey in working class and Eddie in middle class. Russell uses juxtaposition to show, how two bothers from the same mother, can be so different just by growing up in a different class. The dialogue shows that Mickey is stereotypically working class. For example; ‘I’m pissed off… Yeh. Yeh, I know loads of words like that. Y’know, like the ‘F’ word. By shortening ‘yes’ to ‘yeh’ it shows he is talking in the colloquial Liverpudlian dialect.

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Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two brothers in Blood Brothers. Account for the different reactions the audience have to the two characters throughout the play.

Essay blood brothers

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essay blood brothers
essay blood brothers

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