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Case study agency law

Agency (law) Castillo v. Case Farms of Ohio, 96 F Supp. 2d 578, is a case involving poor working conditions for migratory workers.

An example would be a deal in which you are the agent of the seller. You have two offers to buy their property and they're almost identical in price and contingencies. Your seller instructs you to accept the offer from Agent B without going back to both buyer agents for further offers because your seller "doesn't like Agent A". Though you may feel that it is unfair to Agent A and their buyer, you must obey the instructions of your seller.

The agents were part of a trade association which prohibited its members from advertising their fees or discounts in the local paper. Two of the agents also extended this arrangement by agreeing with the paper that no other estate or lettings agents could advertise their fees, whether they were members of the association or not.

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Consideration, as we learned, is simply something of value exchanged between the parties to a contract. To qualify consideration, it must be:

A third party may rely in good faith on the representation by a person who identifies himself as an agent for another. It is not always cost effective to check whether someone who is represented as having the authority to act for another actually has such authority. If it is subsequently found that the alleged agent was acting without necessary authority, the agent will generally be held liable.

The author states that the general rule applies where the agent’s contract was authorized, either in advance, or after the fact by ratification; the position may be different where the agent has apparent but not actual authority. A defense or claim available against the agent and unconnected with the contract cannot be used against the principal.

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Wilma and I have an agency relationship . This is a business relationship where a principal gives legal authority to an agent to act on the principal's behalf when dealing with a third party. When Wilma places orders for my store, I am the principal and Wilma is working as my agent.

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The working conditions were largely not refuted. At issue was 1) whether or not American's Tempcorps (ATC) was an agent of Case Farms, and 2) if agency existed, whether that agency make Case Farms liable for ATC’s actions.

Case study agency law

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March 2001 Agency Law and Contract Formation ISSN 1045.

The Law of Agency and the Power of Attorney Case Study

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case study agency law
case study agency law

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