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Lli homework

 · This file contains reading logs for lessons 1-50 in the Fountas & Pinnell Orange Leveled Literacy Intervention Kit (LLI). Each story is listed on the logs.

With in-app purchases available for each of the LLI systems, the LLI Reading Record iPad® App contains the texts for that system’s instructional books and records the following:

Students who struggle in reading must practice reading many more times than those who don’t struggle. It’s not enough that they read in school with their classroom teachers and their reading teachers.

The LLI systems are designed to be used with small groups of students who need intensive support to achieve grade-level competencies in grades K through 12. It also provides strong support for students who are acquiring English as an additional language and are receiving classroom reading instruction in English. You may also decide to include students who are identified as having special needs if the content of LLI meets the educational program specifications for the student.

A local LLI is a member-driven organization which presents non-credit short courses for mature learners who want to improve skills, explore new ideas, and interact with interesting and active people.

 LLI is very well respected and has shown amazing results with our students.  The program consists of books, fold sheets (homework) and writing books. The younger students are generally placed in the orange or green levels. There are 110 lessons in the green kit.   Every group of 10 lessons moves the students through a level of reading.  Students move fairly quickly through the levels. A beginning reader would be in level A and hopefully move to level J by the end of first grade.  students are assessed at least twice during a set of lessons depending of group size.  

Lli homework

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What is Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) and how is LLI.

LLI Leveled Literacy Intervention Orange Kit Reading Logs.

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lli homework
lli homework

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