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250 word essay example

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When you have personal knowledge about a topic or you have a unique interest in learning more about a subject, it is likely you will retain more information than you realize. This can work to your advantage since you would have an easier time understanding it and how to write about it from an interesting perspective.

A few months ago, I created a bogus account on so I can actually catch a glimpse at what the new application looks like (it really doesn't look that different, ha) and I've been thinking about how I would approach these essays. Although nothing here is the product of intense cognition, I thought I'd share some of my views on these small essays.

I absent-mindedly turn the pages of the phone book and come across a city map. Sipping my iced latté, I run my fingers along the streets from the hotel to the opera hall. Not more than a half-hour walk.

Planning a short essay does not require much time. Thorough planning usually takes place when you need to produce a large text, like a photosynthesis lab report or a graphic design coursework . While planning your 500 word essay, the only thing you need to think about is a clear and strict focus on one single point you want to make. There is not much point in planning to cover a few main ideas or thoughts because you have neither the time nor the space to fulfill your work properly. A good 500 word essay example usually focuses on only one point at a time. So, your topic should be researched on the Internet and on other sources that you may find useful, and prepare an essay outline.

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A 250-word essay is about one typed, double-spaced page. Keep this length in mind when choosing a topic. Pick one that is complex enough to allow some room for argument or interpretation, but not one that is so broad or complicated it is impossible to summarize in limited space.

This guide can be used for every kind of topic that you have to handle within 250-300 words limit, following are the three questions that you should answer before beginning your essay writing.

The 250 word essay, in case you haven't checked out our application, is an essay on any subject of your choice, which the Admissions Committee uses "to evaluate an applicant's writing, reasoning, and editing skills." In other words, this is your first exercise as a potential lawyer: say something meaningful in a limited space, and make it good. You'll be asked to do this repeatedly in the future: law school papers have page limits, and there are judges who will throw out motions or briefs that exceed their word number guidelines. Being persuasive and concise is the quintessestial lawyerly skill, and we want to see that you have it.

250 word essay example

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500 Word Essay Example: Analyzing Only the Best

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250 word essay example
250 word essay example

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