MEST 3 – Media Studies @ Oasis Academy Enfield, Mest 3 case study

Mest 3 case study

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(1) INTRODUCTION – no more than one paragraph (-15 lines of handwriting)
Introduce your case study ( teenage girls) and provide some historical context ( ‘ throughout history – despite many changes women’s representation has remained the same’ ) with examples from past texts, issues and relevant events. Use some older texts and cultural history to introduce wider context.
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In this unit, you will investigate the media by applying media concepts to a range of media products in order to understand how  meanings and responses are created. You will also investigate the contemporary media landscape and the changing contexts within which media texts are produced and consumed.

Consumer choice has become more apparent due to new and digital media as the institution are able to use other platforms, such as e-media, and other channels which produce different programs. In terms of e-media, the introduction of 4OD means that the consumer is able to choose which programs they would like to watch and when they want to watch it. The launch of new channels also creates an element of consumer choice. Audiences are able to choose which of Channel 4’s channels they want to watch depending on what is being aired. This was not an option before the changes due to new and digital media as audiences could only chose to watch what was being aired on Channel 4’s original channel.

Mest 3 case study

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MEST 3: Media Case Study

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mest 3 case study
mest 3 case study

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