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Residence order essay

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In the past, cases such as Re H (A Minor) (Shared Residence)1994 and A v A (Minors)1994 served as leading cases provided the reasoning and arguments in deciding cases where shared residence order was required. They respectively covered the ‘exceptional' and the ‘unusual' factors surrounding individual cases. However, it was deemed by legal professionals that the two cases provided no absolute clarity in determining if certain cases required residence order to be granted as they do not emphasise enough the interests of children and could render biased judgement.

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Since in our experience lawyers and judges still talk about “primary carers”, it seems that this legislative change has done little but to make the Children Act 1989 unintelligible to all but lawyers.

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Residence order essay

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Residence order essay -

Residence order essay -

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residence order essay
residence order essay

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