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However, Marr has jumped to Mr Abbott's defence, saying Mr Abbott was a "wild kid at a wild time" in university politics and it was "ridiculous" for him to have to apologise for the incident now.

Pressed on the topic, the former Prime Minister clarified that a completely normal and common repressed lust for men isn’t the only reason to vote no on the plebiscite. “If you’re against political correctness, socialism, wet socks, Mondays, those massive ad breaks towards the end of a movie when you watch a movie on TV, foreign investors, cats and gaining metabolic energy from eating food then you should also vote against the plebiscite.”

White notes that we have got into the habit of seeing the world through Washington’s eyes, and argues that unless this changes, we will fail to navigate the biggest shift in Australia’s international circumstances since European settlement. The signs of failure are already clear, as we risk sliding straight from complacency to panic.

A package of legislation is passed on 17 July 2014 to remove the carbon pricing mechanism, and take action against businesses which do not pass on the savings.

If only you'd been listening on Monday night you'd have heard the latest in a series of grovels, this one from Andrew Bolt on 2GB's Steve Price show.

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Behind the contrived fluoro-jacketed appearances at workplaces, behind the simplistic sloganeering, is someone with a far more considered view of the world than his critics suppose. Abbott is comprehensible, but only on his own terms. You don’t have to like those terms, but it is possible to grasp them, to get some sense of how Abbott thinks about politics, and why his critics are destined to maintain their visceral rage towards him.

What is Tony Abbott’s history? What are his principles? What is in character or out of character for Tony Abbott? And how does his more than 30 years in politics provide a guide to the nation’s political future? If Tony Abbott were to become Australian PM, how would Australia be represented both to itself and to the world?

Just before last week’s chaotic carbon tax repeal scenes in Canberra, prime minister Tony Abbott offended the People’s Republic of China and a large element within the largely conservative RSL by controversially proclaiming the virtues of second world war Japanese submariners to visiting neo-nationalist Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. Abbott said:

At issue is not just whether Tony Abbott loses his leadership, or whether the budget bottom line deteriorates even further , but signs that our political system really is in deep trouble – not as a polemic point, but in a very real sense.

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Conservative leaders just can’t help themselves with their pre-Keynesian economics comparing household budgets with state budgets. Their policies won’t work and will lead to more unemployment – all the above leaders are not quite as bad as each other, but to some degree they are all tarred with the same brush.

- Ms Ramjan tells journalist David Marr how Mr Abbott reacted after she defeated him in the vote for president of the University of Sydney Students Representative Council in 1977.

In September 1977, Barbara Ramjan, now a social worker, defeated Mr Abbott for the university's Student Representative Council (SRC) presidency, Marr writes.

 · The author of the Quarterly Essay Political Animal - The Making of Tony Abbott David Marr discusses what he has learnt about the Leader of the Opposition

Tony abbott quarterly essay

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tony abbott quarterly essay
tony abbott quarterly essay

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