Action Research Proposal - Baltimore County Public Schools, Action research proposal rubric

Action research proposal rubric

Funds needed: $3000 obtained from donations made by the staff and students of the school. If the project is approved the cost will be reimbursed by Board of Management, Church Schools.

Kurt Lewin , then a professor at MIT , first coined the term "action research" in 1944. In his 1946 paper "Action Research and Minority Problems" he described action research as "a comparative research on the conditions and effects of various forms of social action and research leading to social action" that uses "a spiral of steps, each of which is composed of a circle of planning, action and fact-finding about the result of the action".

According to “Departemen Pendidikan Nasional” (2000), at the end of the first year students of SLTP are hoped to have at least 500 words to support their reading, listening, writing, and speaking. But to master vocabulary is not easy because vocabulary is one major problem for English as a foreign language. Based on my field observation, students still have difficulties to recall or remember the vocabularies that have been learned.

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-- 18% forgot to number the pages.
-- 73% forgot to include a table of contents.
-- 81% had no abstract.
-- 92% failed to provide resumes of proposed consultants.
-- 25% had no resume for the principal investigator.
-- 66% included no plan for project evaluation.
-- 17% forgot to identify the project director by name.
-- 20% failed to list the objectives of the project.

Every action research proposal must come with a higher order question and not a "yes" and "no" question like " what is a case study ", which elicits a yes or no answer. The proposal must also come in a very simple and common language that the entire students and participants will understand. When we offer these proposals, we ensure that all unnecessary jargons are not included in the proposal. The proposal should also be concise and meaningful enough. Another important issue that every action research must fulfill is that it must never be a question that already has an answer.


In order to review her teaching at the first time she run the plan, Fatma requests her critical friend, Rahmi to observe her teaching. Fatma is a teacher who has experience less than two years, Rahmi, on the other hand is an experienced teacher with more than five years experience in teaching.

Action research proposal rubric

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Sample Action Research Proposal | Mharfe Micaroz.

Action Research Proposal 1 The Effects of Immediate.

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action research proposal rubric
action research proposal rubric

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