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Fashion buying dissertation topics

You will reassess your degree and revert to your days in college when your parents told you to go to medical school/law school. You will look yourself in the mirror and ask “why was it so hard for you to track a purchase order?” Then you will walk back to your desk and resign yourself to sample runs for the rest of the day because doing anything that requires any form of mental capability will require you to confront all your failures and you don’t have time for that.

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The course is designed to thoroughly prepare students for a career in buying. A Buyer is ultimately responsible for deciding which products make it onto the shop floor. They are key to maximising profits and must have a thorough understanding of the brand's target audience. It’s a Buyer’s job to recognise customer demand and at the same time keep a brand contemporary and up-to-date with current trends.

Tasks can vary according to the season. This is particularly true for those working in fashion. For example, out of season, the majority of time will be spent in the workplace (in the office and on the shop floor), and during the buying season, a significant amount of time will be spent away from the workplace in order to assemble a new collection of merchandise.

Ambrose moved into the buying office after a chance meeting with Jaeger's head of design. "As part of my management training scheme I'd had to develop and sell a scent," says Ambrose. "I won the exercise and reformed my ambition to get into buying." As assistant buyer she learned how to put a collection together – bridging the departments of buying and design to ensure that new launches were commercially viable. "Design would present their ideas and we might tell them they were missing a key v-neck or a blazer that's always sold well, or we might identify a need to put coats together earlier than usual because so many had sold to tourists," she says.

A wait-and-watch sentiment prevails in the textiles and apparel industry. Though businesses are expecting good revenues in the coming months given the positive present and...

You will develop buying skills such as range building and negotiation and gain knowledge about fabrics and testing techniques. You will also study sourcing and supply.

Based at the recently refurbished Harrow Campus – home to the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design – you will work alongside students from film, photography, music, fashion and journalism, in a unique hothouse of creative opportunity. Teaching and learning are interactive, covering academic, practical and applied elements. Our teaching staff have had successful retail careers and understand the pivotal role of buyers within the decision-making hierarchy. Assessment methods include individual and group reports and presentations, industry projects, portfolio development, and extended essays and exams.

Fashion buyers typically work with the merchandising team, fashion designers (if any), and department managers to decide on the right pieces which they will sell. They need to visualize the budget and the profits that the company would make, as well as how much they need to spend and they need to gain.

This Fashion course is delivered by qualified and skilled industry professionals from our School of Fashion Retail and they offer unique insights and years of experience . Completing all assessment on this course, leads to a QQI level 5 Award in Fashion Buying & Merchandising and further opportunities to progress.

This comprehensive textbook describes the buying cycle, buying for stores and mail order and how to start a career in fashion buying. A glossary of buying terminology, as well as input from fashion buyers currently working for major companies, give a clear insight into this exciting and challenging role.

The buying calendar combines season buy dates with shipping dates. There are months of lead-time between presenting your collection to buyers and when it is delivered to stores.

week 3
Week three will look at the aspects of analysis and control.
Planning: retail organizational structure and different planning levels; managing the merchandise planning process; developing sales projections; analysis of past sales reports; inventory and stock turn; planning prices: mark up and mark down; planning objectives and goals; strategic profit model: analysing performance; planning how to manage the store; importance of store layout plans and visual merchandising.

Often working in the head office, your work-base can change depending on the season, particularly if you’re working in a clothes store . In the slow seasons you’ll mainly be in the office, but during the busier buying months it’s likely you’ll spend a lot more time at trade shows and with suppliers.

Fashion buyers typically work for department stores, retail chains, independently owned stores or wholesale distributors. Their jobs might seem easy; after all, what's not to like about buying apparel with someone else's money, to the tune of thousands or even millions of dollars?

Fashion buying dissertation topics

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fashion buying dissertation topics
fashion buying dissertation topics

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