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Culture shock college essay

Most people begin their experience abroad with high expectations and a positive mindset (sometimes those expectations are too high). At this point, anything new is exciting and intriguing, but for the most part it is the similarities  that stand out. The recent arrivee is usually impressed with how people everywhere are really very much alike. This period of euphoria may last for a week or a month, but the letdown is inevitable at the end of this first stage.

On December 18, the Office of Student Affairs and the FACES Advocacy Group presented the Fall term installment of the Cross-Cultural Dialogues series, “Culture Shock.” Panelists Brittany Grime (BA Multidisciplinary Studies, from the .), Georgi Kardzhaliyski (MEd Interdisciplinary Studies, from Bulgaria), and Tatyana Pavlova (MEd English as a Second Language, from Russia) discussed their experiences with culture shock while studying in another country, and gave recommendations for best practices when dealing with culture shock, both as the visitor to another culture, or as a host welcoming visitors to your culture.

The first step toward making a smooth adjustment is being aware that this is a normal experience that most travelers encounter. See the Stages of Cultural Adjustment .

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Culture shock is a result of the contradiction between accustomed patterns of behaviors and attempting to maintain them in a new cultural environment. It can be accompanied by feelings of homesickness, helplessness, isolation, sadness, hostility, irritability, sleeping and eating disturbances, and loss of focus. It is important to recognize these symptoms and to understand that they are completely normal.

As of 2017, Purchase College had 4,121 undergraduate students with freshman enrollment of 763. [1] [14] [11] 57% of Purchase's student body is female. 15% of the college's students come from outside of New York state and % of its students are international. [14] Purchase has an acceptance rate of 44% and a student-teacher ratio of 14:1. [15] 62% of Purchase students receive need-based financial aid and the college has an endowment of $ million. [1]


Most students make the adjustment to college life eventually.  However, each student may adjust according to a different timetable.  Some students may find that the adjustment comes fairly easily – they hardly realize that it is happening.  Other students find the process difficult, slow, and even painful at times.  However, the stages of cultural adjustment are similar for most everyone.  If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time in a foreign country, you may have experienced these phases yourself.

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Out of the 15 of us that went to St. Andrews from Holy Cross, this person was originally the most energized and excited. She was the one that made the Facebook group, attempted to coordinate everyone’s flights, and organized all of the little get-togethers in the beginning at the Raisin so we could acclimate as a group.

You might actually have classes with 200 people in them. You may also have classes with eight people in them. Generally, gen-eds have the giant classes because those are the ones everyone has to take. As you get more advanced in your degree and classes become more specific, your class size will dwindle and you'll start seeing the same faces much more often. Make friends with your classmates. Helping one another out is how you will all survive.

To minimize the shock, you will probably want to keep in touch with family and friends back home—but it is important to also identify new sources of support. People whom you meet through your school’s international student office may also be a likely source of support. You could also contact relatives or friends who live in the United States to ask for their advice.

Kellogg offers courses, such as Advanced Management Programs , to help professionals improve leadership, strategic and tactical skills and develop cross-functional understanding of organizations. Learn to overcome new challenges in a dynamic environment, to scale and work effectively on a global platform, and to build a common leadership culture.

Culture shock is an experience a person may have when one moves to a cultural environment which is different from one's own; it is also the personal disorientation a ...

The official name of this association shall be Culture Shock of Mt. San Antonio College (hereafter referred to as Culture Shock).

Once you step off the plane, reality sets in. You realize that although it was summer when you left home, it is winter in Australia. You have trouble following the language and find it hard to fit in. You feel alone and lonely, especially on the 4th of July when you would normally have a huge party with family and light fireworks. You cannot connect with any of the locals and feel like no one understands what you are going through. You cry at night and wish you were at home. What you are feeling is culture shock.

Culture shock college essay

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culture shock college essay
culture shock college essay

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