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Texas tech honors thesis

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Geosciences Honors provides an enriching, engaging and relevant education experience through a broad based program that includes opportunities in undergraduate research and study abroad.

The Honors College Thesis Program provides students with the opportunity to conduct original research and to use that research to construct a thesis. The thesis itself is a lengthy document based on the student’s research that mirrors a publishable journal article within the respective academic field. The thesis is required for graduation with Highest Honors. In order to complete the thesis, students must enroll in HONS 3300 and HONS 4300 (three credits each) in consecutive semesters.

"The new Honors Hall is a great addition to the Texas Tech campus and an investment in the success of the Honors College," Duggan said. "This residence hall promotes community among scholars, is very convenient to the academic core of the university and is next door to the Rawls College of Business. That convenience, in addition to amenities like a full-service Starbucks and educational and social programs, will assist these students in their academic success."

Admittance to the program is by invitation only and is intended for students who are within three semesters of graduation. In no case will students who have less than five months of study remaining before graduation be considered. A student who has excellent research potential and has been performing at an exceptional level in the major and at a level of distinction in other courses may be invited by the department or program chair to participate in the Departmental Honors Program. The evaluation of performance in the major is made exclusively by each department or program. The evaluation of overall performance outside the department is subject to review by the Honors Advisory Committee.

The Honors College builds on the foundation of our students' diverse talents to create a community that fosters lifelong learning and academic excellence. This stimulating environment is open to qualified freshmen, continuing students who demonstrate excellence after enrolling at Texas Tech and transfer students who have shown similar ability at other institutions.

“To be eligible for the Early Acceptance Program, you must be enrolled in the Honors College, have entered Texas Tech University as a freshman, maintain residency in the state of Texas, and acquired a composite score (earned in one test administration) of at least 1300 on the SAT or at least 29 on the ACT upon matriculation at Texas Tech University.”

 Friday Lunch Discussion
 Southwest Study  Lounge
 12:00 – 1:00 PM

The courses have not been built as of yet, but if we have enough students interested, the courses will be created and held. The times and professors are not yet known. If you are interested in taking the course, e-mail Cheyenne Belew at [email protected] ...

The 2014 class of scholars will be awarded a projected $ million. The university received more than 600 applicants for the scholarship. Last year’s class was awarded a projected $ million with more than 500 applicants for the scholarship.

* The Associated Scholars Guild : your Honors student organization for service and social leadership by and for Honors scholars

The Graduate School at Texas Tech University offers unlimited opportunity for advancement with more than 160 different masters and doctoral degree programs complemented by interdisciplinary programs from 50 specialized centers and institutes.

Texas tech honors thesis

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texas tech honors thesis
texas tech honors thesis

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