Dissertation teacher retention

Registration (., enrollment) is required for any quarter during which a degree requirement is completed, including the dissertation proposal. Refer to the Registration or Enrollment for Milestone Completion section for more details.

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In accordance with the pedagogy advanced by Korthagen (2001) and Jarvis (2006), reflecting on practice is an integral component of teaching training. The ability to learn from one's own mistakes as well as to comment upon that which was done well enables the student teacher to grow as he/she becomes a more seasoned practitioner within the classroom. Using ten PGCE students from Winchester, this study evaluates the personal development of the students through their use of self-reflection and asks whether its continued use should become part of the formal, established programme undertaken within the NQT year, as well as thereafter, within further career professional development.

 · A selection of teaching dissertation examples for you to use and study. Use these free teaching dissertations to aid and inspire your own work.

Dissertation teacher retention

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dissertation teacher retention
dissertation teacher retention

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