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How to write an essay fce

I'll do a quick one or two sentence introduction. Then I'll have three paragraphs, one for transport, one about rivers and seas, and one for my third point. Now's a good time to think about that.

Cambridge English: First (FCE) Writing Part 1 ... As a follow up, or for homework, let students use the plans they have made to write their own essay.

Going abroad to study is a fantastic experience and we generally make a lot more progress than we would that if we stayed in our own country, but it is extremely expensive. Not all people can afford it and they need to try to get grants to be able to go. The advantages are obvious because we are surrounded by the language and we are forced to use it in real life situations. But it is important to find people to practice with who are willing to be patient and help us.

Make sure you include the other point mentioned in the topic and add your own idea + the following phrases when writing paragraph 3:

Are you a self-study student? Do you need feedback on your writing? Find out how our FCE Critique and Correction service may be able to help.

Once you've chosen a topic, you must narrow it down into a single   thesis or central idea. The thesis is the position you're taking in relation to your topic or a related issue. It should be specific enough that you can bolster it with just a few relevant facts and supporting statements. Think about an issue that most people can relate to, such as: Technology is changing our lives.

While it is possible to argue only one point of view (. either agreeing or disagreeing on a topic) as long as you bear in mind the other point of view and back up your points, it is probably easier to have a balanced discussion comparing advantages and disadvantages , or ideas for and against a topic.

to break the law        to arrest a criminal       to punish a criminal     to tackle crime    to convict someone for a crime    

The Writing paper has two parts. Part 1 has one compulsory question and involves writing an essay. In Part 2, candidates are given three options and are asked to write one of the following using between 140 and 190 words: an article, email/letter, report, or review.

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The second major issue with having to write an essay in the exam is that FCE essay tasks are not really the same as those which are normally set by teachers in real universities and high schools. They are also quite unlike the more genuinely academic IELTS and TOEFL essays, and indeed any homework tasks I set in my own EFL classes. This means that the tasks, tactics, language and activities used in class and for homework must be quite specific to Cambridge First.

Your best essays will be about the things that light your fire. What do you feel passionate about? What topics do you find yourself arguing for or against? Choose the side of the topic you are "for" rather than "against," and your essay will be stronger.

It is argued that it is reasonable to ban smoking from public spaces like restaurants, it is not equally reasonable to completely illegalise it. Educating people about the risks that smoking entails is a better way of addressing the issue.

Our university has just released the new version of its official website. Write a report in response to your classmates´ opinion of the site. Talk about the usage of the site, the information provided and the news section. Also make suggestions about how it could be improved.

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Around the world, people are living and staying healthy for longer and longer. What changes does this bring to today’s society? Are these changes good or bad?

How to write an essay fce

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Cambridge English: First (FCE) Writing Part 1

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how to write an essay fce
how to write an essay fce

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