Essay on “An Ideal Student” Complete Essay for Class 10., Essay ideal student

Essay ideal student

With scholarship, one may subdue savants in court; Brave in spirit, one may fight courageous battles; Born a king, one might rule over an Empire; One may even land on the moon; But of what use are all these achievements, If one is not able to control the mind and the senses, And uphold eternal human values? My Teachers, Fellow Students, Boys and Girls! The world badly needs today ideal students with exemplary character instead of wealth and prosperity. The progress of the nation depends on such students alone. It is such sacred practices alone that have protected ideal students through the ages.

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An ideal student creates in the mind an image of a student, who wears spectacles, respects his teachers and their each word is command for him.

With scholarship, one may subdue savants in court; Brave in spirit, one may fight courageous battles; Born a king, one might rule over an …

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                An ideal student is disciplined and obedient.  At home he obeys his parents, and at school he obeys his teachers.  He always abides by the rules and regulations of his educational institution.  He is disciplined in his everyday activities of life. He avoids bad company.  He often persuades bad boys from doing evils deeds.  He goes not waste his time and energy in strikes and demonstrations.

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In this training ground, all efforts are made to mould a student's life into an ideal character so that he may not have any problem in his later life. He is praised for his good work, and punished for his folly. Thus he comes to know what is good and what is bad in this world. When this sense in him is properly developed, he becomes as ideal student. He can prove himself to be honest, obedient and bold in his character.

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Essay ideal student

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Short essay on An Ideal Student -

An ideal Student English Essay For School Students

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essay ideal student
essay ideal student

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