Lung cancer phd thesis

As it can be seen, lung cancer does not develop on its own, but is triggered by a number of factors. The first and foremost of them is smoking tobacco, both active and passive. Exposure to asbestos materials also increases a person’s chances to get lung cancer. Also, genetics and past lung illnesses can lead to the development of this type of cancer. The cure for lung cancer is not finalized, and remains an epidemic.

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The Division of Cancer Studies has a multidisciplinary research portfolio that maps onto and spans the entire patient journey. We bring together and are underpinned by core strengths in haematology, haemato-oncology, breast cancer biology, epidemiology, cancer cell biology, gastro-intestinal cancer and oncopolicy.  We are fortunate to have access to unique resources such as our Bio-Bank.

As Muir once said – all screening does harm, some does good, v little does more good than harm, is cost effective and affordable.

The concern addressed in this dissertation is to explore the psychological impact on a newly diagnosed lung cancer patient. Patients with lung cancer normally experience variety of distress symptoms, many of which begin prior to diagnosis and continue throughout the course of the disease and the treatment, which adversely affects the functional status and quality of life (Julkunen et al, 2009). The experience of lung cancer is not limited to only the victims but may equally have wide-range impact on families' physical and emotional well-being. Therefore it is essential to critically assess the extent of this psychological impact of lung cancer on the patient.

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If you are interested in population research – including behavioural research, epidemiology and cancer prevention – you may be eligible to apply for our Population Research Postdoctoral Fellowship:

Lung cancer phd thesis

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lung cancer phd thesis
lung cancer phd thesis

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