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Tqm problem solving wheel

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The do phase allows the plan from the previous step to be enacted. Small changes are usually tested, and data is gathered to see how effective the change is.

When the total quality management movement (TQM) gained prominence in the 1980's, the product planning step was expanded to include a broader evaluation of customer needs (similar to VA and QFD ).
Value Analysis Teams In Value Analysis, developed by Larry Miles at GE during WWII, multi-functional teams (design, production engineering, purchasing, quality) use a formalized process to identify alternative materials, manufacturing processes, and designs to improve function while reducing costs.

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The problem is, 100% inspection is only 70% efficient. There are guaranteed to be parts that get through the net and passed onto the customer!

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Decision-making maxims will help to reinforce the above decision-making process whether related to problem-solving or not, for example:

DMAIC is inspired by the earlier improvement method of Plan Do Study Act or the ‘Shewhart cycle’, however while PDSA is more theorethical focused DMAIC is very much practical. The acronym stands for Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control – the 5 phases of the process which should be followed in order to arrive at an improved and controlled process.


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You decide to run a small pilot project for a month, using a new supplier to deliver your products to a small sample of your customers, and you're pleased to see that the feedback from these customers is positive. As a result, you decide to use the new supplier for all your orders.

Tqm problem solving wheel

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TQM Tools for Effective Problem Solving and Root Cause.

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tqm problem solving wheel
tqm problem solving wheel

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