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*Grade 6 assessments continue next week. Reminder that results are not part of the report cards (in case students were stressing out).

All mountain ecosystems have one major characteristic in common - rapid changes in altitude, climate, soil, and vegetation over very short distances.

Anyway, to get back to the main topic, I treat each class a bit differently when it comes to how we do in-class work and homework, so I’ll break up what I do by subject:

These are the most common types of mountains. These are formed when two continental tectonic plates collide and their edges crumble to form mountains. The crust is uplifted forming folds on top of the other. Vast mountain ranges stretching across thousands of kilometres areFold Mountains. The Rocky Mountains in North America, the Alps in Europe, the Andes in South America, the Urals in Russia and the Himalayan Mountains in Asia are examples of Fold Mountains.

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Also I am so glad that you enjoyed the mountain homework – I really enjoyed seeing what you had all done. Hope you are having a lovely holiday.

 · Facts and information on Mountains for kids, including the five different types of mountains that exist.

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Mountains are formed through varying causes, there are several distinct types of mountains.
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Homework mountain

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Facts about Mountains for Kids - Homework Help

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homework mountain
homework mountain

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