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Candidates and supervisors who would like a digital holding period/embargo of between 1 and 2 years before deposit in the digital repository must request this in the  Thesis Final Submission Form .

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The Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO) turns 75 this July. In recognition of this milestone, the organisation has launched a fundraising drive to continue its efforts to promote the health and education of the community.

The department is able to offer a wide range of postgraduate courses within the coursework Honours and Masters programmes. In addition to the general economics degrees, the department offers specialisations in Finance, Trade and Regulatory Policy, Labour Market Economics, and Economics and Demography.

The university’s staff site is fully operational, offering both current and prospective staff access to all the online resources they might need.

But UCT has denied the allegations and described the multi-million rand action as "vexatious and manifestly ill-founded". It asked that Craig Nevin's claim be dismissed with costs.

Dr Shannon Morreira, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities Education Development Unit, has been presented with the 2017 Award for Outstanding Research by a Young Scholar by the Faculty of Humanities Research committee. The Award is for her paper, Steps Towards Decolonial Higher Education in Southern Africa? Epistemic Disobedience in the Humanities , published in the Journal of Asian and African Studies (Sage).

For any questions about thesis/dissertation submission and binding process, please contact:
Mr Alvino Pegram
Head of Bindery
Tel: 021 959 2915
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the case of a PhD , the thesis may not exceed 80,000 words . If it is felt that it is essential to exceed this length, special permission must be obtained from the Dean. It is the expectation that Masters degrees should be substantially shorter than this with a maximum of 50,000 words allowed; on the order of 35,000 words (~100 pages) would be the expected norm.

Professor Angela J. Davis will be visiting the UCT Faculty of Law on 1st March 2018 to give a lunchtime lecture to students, and a public lecture in the evening - focused on her latest book "Policing the Black Man".  Prof Davis will focus in her lectures on prosecution, power and racism in the US criminal justice system.

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The effects of different drying methods on the nutritional composition of Corchorus olitorius L. A wild South African vegetable.

Thesis university of cape town

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thesis university of cape town
thesis university of cape town

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