An Analysis of Hedge Fund Strategies - Opalesque, Thesis on hedge funds

Thesis on hedge funds

Chapter 3 The evolution of the hedge fund industry
Investor profile
Hedge fund management and investment strategies
Relationship with investment banks

Question 1. One of the key features that distinguish Hedge Funds from Mutual funds is the compensation structure. While mutual funds generally only charge a ...

Your target price is the product of a forecasted earnings metric multiplied by the expected multiple. This multiple can be P/E, EV/EBITDA, EV/Sales, FCF/Market Cap, or any other reasonable metric. Some metrics are industry-specific and more valuable for those industries than the aforementioned general ones.

Question 3. Traditional mean/variance analysis as proposed by Markowitz shows that for the period 1994-2011 the risk adjusted performance of hedge funds is superior to traditional investments. However it can be argued that this approach seriously understates the risk of hedge fund investments. Discuss the limitations of the Markowitz approach with particular emphasis on the statistical properties of hedge fund returns.

“Hedge funds are often in the news, but when it comes right down to it, very few people know what they are,” said Stephen Roseman, chief executive officer of Thesis Fund Management. “Now that hedge fund style mutual funds are available to all investors, it’s time for people to gain a better understanding how this type of product may benefit their portfolio.”

I expect you to aim for a high-quality thesis. The objective should be that your thesis has publication standards similar to a peer-reviewed article in an academic finance journal. To obtain a good grade, I expect your thesis to include a well-grounded empirical study that delivers a novel contribution to existing finance research. For all topics you should be familiar with a statistical software package like Stata, SAS, Matlab, or R. Excel is not sufficient. I will help you to retrieve data for your thesis.

Qian, Jing, "Evaluation of Hedge Funds Performance." Thesis, Georgia State University, 2006.

By Nick Baltas and Robert Kosowski

The most concentrated hedge fund stocks have lagged the S&P 500 year-to-date following unusually weak returns in 2017.

Many of the terms included in this glossary by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are used in the hedge fund sector.

Thesis on hedge funds

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Ph.D Thesis: An Analysis of Hedge Fund Strategies by.

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thesis on hedge funds
thesis on hedge funds

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