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Thesis guidelines utm

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It’s important that grad students stay in close contact with their supervisor through all stages of their thesis or dissertation and be certain that they are following appropriate procedures and timelines. Please review our graduate supervision policies and guidelines for more information on promoting positive supervisory relationships and managing any problems that may arise. These include:
Graduate Supervision: Responsibilities & Expectations
Guidelines regarding Nominal Co-Supervisions with Adjunct Professors and Adjunct Research Professors
Graduate Supervision: Appointments Policy
Graduate Supervision: Complaint Procedures  (in case of a dispute)

Thesis is a document submitted by a candidature who acquire an academic degree. In UTM, the term thesis is used as part of a doctoral and master’s theses and ...

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the reception within the UTM (Tel: 234-7624) or possibly the web site Application: Candidates are required to provide their duly filled applications which may be.


2012/2013 Academic Calender for Research
2012/2013 Academic Calender for Taught Course & Mix Mode

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the reception from the UTM (Tel: 234-7624) or even the website world wide Application: Candidates are asked to transmit their duly filled applications which may be.

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Thesis guidelines utm

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thesis guidelines utm
thesis guidelines utm

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