Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed worksheet by., Chocolate themed homework

Chocolate themed homework

Suitable for older children, this sheet encourages them to put common French greetings and expressions into the correct order.

That is adorable! Just one more reason to wish I lived somewhere with snow. Our winters have not been cold in the last couple of years. Maybe, if I turn the AC on…LOL Visiting from Friendship Friday!

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Before half term, I set chocolate-themed holiday homework  for the class  and on Monday, some of you brought in your projects. We had chocolate acrostic poems, chocolate posters an A-Z of chocolate and mostly excitingly, some home-made chocolate bars!!

Thank you so much !!! I'm taking my class on a trip to a chocolate factory, and we'll use the wordsearch and crossword afterwards... Could I have the key to them ?

These lesson plans bring Willy Wonka ’s world into your classroom and will inspire any budding inventors and would-be chocolatiers.

Charlie is ultimately chosen, but to fulfill the necessary requirements, Willy Wonka would have him abandon everything for his project. Charlies loves his family and cannot leave them in the lurch. Wonka can't understand such family attachments since his own family history is lacking in this domain.

You should now have a three digit number. The first digit will be your original number (. how many times you eat chocolate each week). The next two digits give your age. Can you explain why it works?

What does ‘Pa Pa Paa’ mean? Well, it’s the motto of Kuapa Kokoo and means ‘best of the best’ in the Ghanaian language of Twi.

I was so impressed by the huge effort that you all went to and thank you to parents and carers who helped at home too! Well done for all your hard work!

Four other children have also won tickets - and they are certainly characters! Charlie Bucket and his Grandpa Joe enjoy their tour with Augustus Gloop, a very greedy boy, Voilet Beauregarde, a very competitive child who chews gum all the time, Veruca Salt, a spoiled brat, and Mike Teavee, who is obsessed with watching television (TV - get it?!)

 · Before half term, I set chocolate - themed holiday homework for the class and on Monday, some of you brought in your projects. We had chocolate acrostic ...

Please complete a minimum of two tasks per half term. You may present your work in any way that you wish.  Information for the make your own chocolate task will follow. We look forward to seeing some of your amazing creations!  Have fun!

Chocolate themed homework

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Chocolate Maths :

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chocolate themed homework
chocolate themed homework

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