RHETORICAL ANALYSIS SAMPLE ESSAY, Rhetorical analysis essay rubric

Rhetorical analysis essay rubric

Many authors fumble when writing rhetorical analysis because of the inability to organize their thoughts in a logical manner and defend their arguments. To overcome this, you need a functional thesis statement that offers direction to your paper from the interlocution to the conclusion.

The PURPOSE of a rhetorical analysis is to engage in critical thinking with the intention of effectively communicating an intended message to a predetermined audience. In order to successfully determine the intended message of a particular text a good question to guide your analysis is: how did the author craft his/her argument?

Below is a possible outline for a rhetorical analysis. Keep in mind that this kind of analysis can take many forms, and of course should be taylored according to specific situations and uses.


As we all know with each type of academic assignment, there are a number of methods which can help get the job done not only faster but also in a more efficient manner. The same thought process applies to students seeking to get the most out of their rhetorical analysis essay topics. Thus, in this section, we will examine various acronyms and methodologies by explaining the advantages that they carry when applied correctly within the assignment.

What makes a rhetorical analysis essay actually easier is that you are being tasked to analyze the words of someone else, not simply provide your own words, right? So you are going to have solid, reliable quotes to work into that support your thesis with evidence for your thesis so that you can prove that you are right.

No matter what specific direction your essay takes, your points and observations will revolve around the rhetorical situation of the document you are analyzing. A rhetorical situation occurs when an author, an audience, and a context come together and a persuasive message is communicated through some medium. Therefore, your rhetorical analysis essay will consistently link its points to these elements as they pertain to the document under question. More general information about the rhetorical situation can be elsewhere on the OWL. The following sections deal with considerations unique to analyzing visual documents.

If you want to succeed with your rhetorical analysis essay on the exam, the efficient preparation is needed. AP exam always has strict time limits. That’s why a well-conducted preparation can ensure high test score. Don’t waste your time on just reading. Take the notes! You have not much time for reading. It’s important to allocate time for analyzing before writing. If you take notes from the very beginning of your reading, it can significantly simplify the presence of analysis. It’s better for you to keep in mind such questions as:

A rhetorical analysis essay requires the writer to explore how the various elements of rhetoric have been used in the given piece, presentation and argument of ideas and give an analysis of how the strategy has been applied in order to attain the expected results. The best way to achieving all these is knowing how to write a rhetorical analysis outline.

The introduction of any academic paper requires a thesis, a 1 or 2-sentence description of your main argument or question. It can be either the first or last sentence of your introduction section, and its basic purpose is to sum up your idea without being too specific or too general. When writing your rhetorical analysis thesis, make sure readers can understand the scope and message of your essay. There are certain steps that will help you, but if you still find it hard to complete this task, we can help write research paper projects.

Rhetorical analysis essay rubric

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Definition, Tips, Outline.

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rhetorical analysis essay rubric
rhetorical analysis essay rubric

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