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Body massage business plan

Save your money for a good answering service or a cell phone. A single or double line ad in bold will serve most needs for yellow page advertising. Remember, your yellow page massage advertising representative works for the company that profits from your advertising, they like to encourage larger ads.

Refresh with this focused 30 minute therapeutic massage. Your therapist will work on a specific area of tension.  For many people this is the shoulders, neck and upper back.  This is a great service if you are limited on time or don’t want a full-body massage.

Body Massage Body massage is considered as the best way on how to relax and to feel rejuvenated after a stressful day at work or in school. It has several therapeutic benefits to the body including proper nerve function, skeletal function, muscle function and blood circulation. This is the reason why several experts recommend individuals to undergo regular body massage. As of now, there are already several body massage spas and centers in the different parts of the world, especially in Singapore. The main goal of these spas is to help their clients experience the highest level of relaxation and rejuvenation ever.

LMT with over 15 years of experience running her own massage practice. Vegetarian, barefoot massage enthusiast, dog-lover.

Massage is to work and act on the body with pressure. Massage techniques are commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a device.

Her parlor does not advertise happy endings — that all-too-familiar euphemism — but many clients expect them, she said. Mostly she says no, but sometimes she agrees for those she considers “a nice person,” particularly for those undergoing trouble in their romantic lives.

Maggie McCormick is a freelance writer. She lived in Japan for three years teaching preschool to young children and currently lives in Honolulu with her family. She received a . in women's studies from Wellesley College.

Whatever your sporting background or training regime, sports massage can greatly benefit you. The sporting backgrounds of my clients include, but are not restricted to: – Triathlon (including Ironman competitions) – Recreational and competitive runners (from 5k’s up to marathons) – Swimming – Cycling – Rugby – Football – Gym & weight training – Walking …

Whether you do sports massage, hydrotherapy, reflexology, energy healing, Shiatsu or infant massage, you can easily and successfully promote yourself through a well-designed business unique card will attract the attention you want. Select the perfect image to reflect your style and professional personality from our large selection.

So many people try to find some catchy name but they end up confusing the client more. There is already so much confusion about what massage is or isn’t that a catchy name can add to the image of the individual therapist and the whole profession.  In my opinion words like ‘knotty’ and ‘knead’ are way over used in the massage profession.   Most people don’t even get the innuendo.  It is really an inside the profession ‘joke’.

If you’d like some more tips on how to market your massage business, check out our blog “ 7 small business marketing ideas for your massage business (that won’t break the bank) “.

The word comes from the French massage "friction of kneading", or from the Arabic word massa meaning "to touch, feel" or from Latin massa meaning "mass, dough", [1] [2] cf. Greek verb μάσσω ( massō ) "to handle, touch, to work with the hands, to knead dough". [3] In distinction the ancient Greek word for massage was anatripsis , [4] and the Latin was frictio .

All in all, having a unique business is great and exhilarating and fun…but sometimes I think technology just isn’t there for me just yet.

Body massage business plan

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body massage business plan
body massage business plan

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