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Becker reg homework scores

8. (TCO B) (Becker CPA Review Course Reg. 3) For the year ended December 31, Year 6, Taylor Corp. had a net operating loss of $200,000. Taxable income for the earlier years of corporate existence, computed without reference to the net operating loss, was as follows:

Taxable Income:

Year 1    $ 5,000
Year 2    10,000
Year 3    20,000
Year 4    30,000
Year 5    40,000

What amount of net operating loss will be available to Taylor for the year ended December 31, Year 7?       

BUT, and a big BUT, as long as you are learning what you got wrong, and why you got it wrong, you will be okay. It's all about what you take from the wrong answers. You could either say, okay its wrong and this answer is right…..or you can say okay this is wrong BECAUSE, and this is right BECAUSE. If you can do this, you will be fine.

At $3,487, the Becker Bundle offers a substantial savings that includes all four-parts of the CPA Exam Review, Online Final Review, and Digital Flash Cards.

The first two sections of the exam I sat for were Audit and BEC. I used  Wiley CPAexcel’s course  to study, so the pages below reference their textbooks. Wiley provides excellent CPA study materials, however I believe my results would have been similar regardless of which course I used. It’s also important to note the changes to the CPA exam format in 2017 when mapping out your study schedule.

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I personally only used Becker, so I have no personal experience with the other. However, I have seen people say great hings on here about both Wiley and Yaegar which I believe are affiliated somehow I think its important to be able to cram out as many MCQ s as possible the more variations of things you see the better.

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Students have unlimited access to lectures and course materials for the duration of their course, and a discounted price is offered for students who wish to repeat the course.

“What is a reasonable score on the homework to aim for before sitting for the CPA Exam? The first time through the questions it is not uncommon to make a lot of silly mistakes and not score very well. The second time through you should see a nice jump in your performance as you learn from your prior mistakes. The last time through before exam day you should score in the high 80's or above.”
- Peter Olinto, National Lead Instructor for Becker

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Becker reg homework scores

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How did you do on the Becker homework and final review.

Becker Homework (MCQ) grades - CPA Exam Review |

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becker reg homework scores
becker reg homework scores

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