Independence Day (Pakistan) - Wikipedia, 14 august independence day essay in urdu

14 august independence day essay in urdu

In 2003, I attended a workshop under Hussain Naqi, that the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) conducted in Lahore. On the second or third day of the event, senior political analyst and journalist Imtiaz Alam walked into the hall – he was seen for the first time – and complained to Naqi sahab :

In 1946, the Labour government in Britain, its exchequer exhausted by the recently concluded World War II , realised that it had neither the mandate at home, the international support, nor the reliability of native forces for continuing to control an increasingly restless India. [5] : 203 [13] [14] [15] In February 1947, Prime Minister Clement Attlee announced that the British government would grant full self-governance to British India by June 1948 at the latest. [16]

In 1947, 15 August happened to be the Jummat-ul-Wida, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramzan, and Jinnah asked all Muslims across the world to come together at mosques and pray and seek His guidance to make Pakistan a great state.

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 · Pakistan’s Independence Day, which is annually held on August 14, celebrates the country’s independence from the British rule on that date in 1947.

There are functions arranged across all schools in the country where children sing national songs, dress up in green and white and enjoy scrumptious meals. They do not have regular classes on this day which allows them to have free time off due to which children look forward to the Independence Day . There is also a trend in many homes to decorate their houses with Pakistani Flags and paper flags and from adults to children everyone participates in doing the decorations. Such is the spirit of the people of Pakistan as patriotism runs in their veins.

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"As from the fifteenth day of August, nineteen hundred and forty-seven, two independent Dominions shall be set up in India, to be known respectively as India and Pakistan."

14 august independence day essay in urdu

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Independence Day (India) - Wikipedia

Independence Day in Pakistan - Time and Date

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14 august independence day essay in urdu
14 august independence day essay in urdu

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