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Coursework modal verbs

The verbs or expressions dare , ought to , had better , and need not behave like modal auxiliaries to a large extent and my be added to the above list

The crew paved the entire stretch of highway. (active)
The entire stretch of highway was paved by the crew. (passive)

Researches in languages for special purposes have qualified legal texts as a distinctive type of texts. The purpose of this study is to describe linguistic features of modal verbs which were found in different types of legal writing and to examine the reasons for their use. In this paper I will try to compare the use of modal verbs in European Directives and British Statutes and to investigate the expression of obligation in legal texts such as contracts which are texts which lay down the obligations and the rights of the parties to the contract.
Key words: coherence, obligation, modality, legislation, variety, statement, behaviour.

The following verbs have all of the above properties, and can be classed as the principal modal verbs of English. They are listed here in present–preterite pairs where applicable:

The English word adverb derives (through French) from Latin adverbium , from ad- ("to"), verbum ("word", "verb"), and the nominal suffix -ium . The term implies that the principal function of adverbs is to act as modifiers of verbs or verb phrases . [1] An adverb used in this way may provide information about the manner, place, time, frequency, certainty, or other circumstances of the activity denoted by the verb or verb phrase. Some examples:

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The modal verbs of English are a small class of auxiliary verbs used mostly to express modality (properties such as possibility, obligation, etc.).

Introduction: In many speech communities where speakers use two or more varieties of the same language in different situations, a phenomenon called diglossia...

I have a shower every day. - I'm having a shower now.

!Note - it does not take the continuous form "I having" - for that you have to use the auxiliary verb be.

The most common meaning for modal verbs in the category of possibility, ability and permission is logical possibility: indicating what is or is not possible from what we know about a situation. All four modals in this category (can, could, may, might) are used in this way.

Coursework modal verbs

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coursework modal verbs
coursework modal verbs

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