More parents, students saying no to homework - Philly, Philadelphia homework hotline

Philadelphia homework hotline

If your child is generally doing well in school but is having difficulty grasping a particular homework assignment or new concept, that’s where our tutors come in! We can turn frustrations into achievements by equipping your child with valuable skills he or she can use to master concepts and boost performance in the classroom. Our Academic Coaching helps your child:

Monday 2/26: I-20, L-11, S-74, S-71, N-48
Tuesday 2/27 L-8, L-14, I-30, O-35, O-38
Wednesday, 2/28 L-1, S-64, S-73, O-39, O44
Thursday, 3/1 I-23, O-31, N-51, N-56, S-65
Friday, 3/2  L-4, I-25, O-34, O-36, O-41

Brian was fabulous!!! Thank you. If possible, can keep him as my regular cleaner? I was thrilled with the cleaning! What a pleasure to come home to my tidy apartment. Thanks again!

are located on the Parent’s page, under the Food & Nutrition option by clicking here Like Us on Facebook Contact Information Grade School (K-8)
11000 Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia PA 19116
215-676-8340 fax

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Her request, which the teacher approved, represented one small step for a movement slowly gaining momentum in schools in the Pennsylvania suburbs, New Jersey, and around the country: questioning, scaling back, or, in a handful of schools, even eliminating the nightly homework ritual once thought as all-American as junior proms and cafeteria food fights.

A free, drop-in after school program that provides homework help, computer literacy, library skills, and presents cultural enrichment programs that assists children and teens Grades 1-12- 215-686-5372

The Book Bikes provide mobile outreach services to schools, to community organizations, and at events throughout the city.

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Philadelphia homework hotline

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Philadelphia House Cleaning Service - Residential & Home.

St. Jerome School - Philadelphia, PA

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philadelphia homework hotline
philadelphia homework hotline

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