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How to start off a great essay

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Get too focused on any one instrument at play in your story, and you may lose sight of the harmony inherent in truly great fiction. Here’s how to compose the elements of your novel into a masterpiece.

Starting University, whether you are doing your undergrad, graduate studies or post-grad, can be intimidating and challenging. Especially so, if you are moving from home.

Getting your audience’s attention from the beginning is the most important thing one can do in starting a presentation.  Yes, you want to introduce yourself and complete the formalities as quickly as possible, but without grabbing their attention, you’ve already lost them.  Remembering the importance of capturing the attention of who you’re speaking to will set you up for the many other strategies we convey.

The city of Geelong , close to Torquay, experiences great benefit from Australian and international visitors to the road; with Geelong Otway Tourism affirming it as an invaluable asset. [7] [8] The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) listed the road as the state's top tourism experience in its Victoria 101 survey , based on spots recommended by members and the public on what they would recommend to visitors. [9] However, according to a survey performed by the Surf Coast Shire , residents have expressed concern that there are not enough safe crossings along the road. [10]

Communication Skills

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If you want to go beyond the standard, rather bland, introduction of “In this essay, I am going to…” you might want to try out some of these openings for your essay:

The Great Depression had devastating effects in countries both rich and poor . Personal income , tax revenue, profits and prices dropped, while international trade plunged by more than 50%. Unemployment in the . rose to 25% and in some countries rose as high as 33%. [6]

If you don't know the person you're writing to, you can start with "Dear Sir / Madam". If you start with this, you should end "Yours faithfully". Here's an example:

Storytelling can be complex and the information about storytelling, well, overwhelming. The good news, is that you can start either way — from the future (with a vision story) or the past (with an origin story). In this article I want to show you simple ways that you can dive right into telling your story (without fretting or worrying so much if you’re getting it right).

Your introductory paragraph should engage your readers and make them want to know more about you.  It should make the reader have new questions to ask you that you answer as you go along.  To give you an example I've included below the first paragraph of an autobiography I wrote about myself awhile ago:

Forbes established its top 10 list using data from Sageworks, a financial information company that compiles lists of the fastest-growing industries with low start-up costs. The top 10 businesses in late 2014 according these these criteria are:

How to start off a great essay

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how to start off a great essay
how to start off a great essay

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