21 best Mentor Texts for Teaching Opinion Writing images., Opinion essay mentor text

Opinion essay mentor text

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I ham about to intro an essay of argumentation to my high ... for our opinion mentor text... to try this one out as my new mentor text for opinion writing.

So if we want students to write a convincing persuasive essay that includes evidence, let's show them examples. If we want them to craft a descriptive story, filled with dialogue and details, we need to show them what this looks like and talk about.

However, this year, I have a class that rolls with just about anything. They’re open to the idea of me throwing random genres at them, and trying them out.

Sophia goes to great lengths to persuade her family members she should receive a pet giraffe on her next birthday. She presents strong arguments to the people who hold the power: her mom, her dad, her uncle, and her grandmother. She creates slideshows, graphs, pie charts, statistics, and even a business plan to help her persuade her family to think her way. Sophia does all of these things, but doesn’t convince anyone — until she employs the most important word. (Can you guess what it is?)

Opinion essay mentor text

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A New Mentor Text for Opinion Writing | TWO WRITING TEACHERS

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opinion essay mentor text
opinion essay mentor text

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