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Aerospace problem solving

Aerospace engineers design primarily aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. In addition, they create and test prototypes to make sure that they function according to design.

James Cody is a retired Air Force Colonel with 25 years of military experience. He currently serves as the Director of the Aerospace and Defense Executive Program for Graduate and Executive ...

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By the end of this 2-day interactive course participants will understand ‘disciplined’ problem solving and be able to facilitate and document value-adding problem solving exercises using the Eight Disciplines (8-D) method to respond to a customer request for corrective action in conformity to AS13000 requirements.

Once you have read through the problem, defined what was given and what needs to be found, and listed your assumptions, you need to create a schematic.  The schematic drawing or drawings allow you to physically see what is happening in the problem.  This can help you as you begin to go through your equations and analysis, as well as helping you verify your answers once you get them.  You will be able to go back and check your values to ensure that everything.

Compounding this complexity, there is a wide geographic dispersion of suppliers across virtually all regions of the world: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.

Queen Mary University of London is home to the world's first Aerospace Engineering degree programme.
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The best students may look at generalized problem solving methods that have been studied and improved upon for decades, and find a way to apply it to their project.  This is the path that we will examine, and to do so, we will look at several example methods.

SKF Engineering Consultancy Services helps turbine manufacturer design for a potential 20-year product service life

You’ll acquire specialized, in-depth knowledge and gain access to the invaluable expertise of Georgia Tech faculty and the Georgia Tech Research Institute’s (GTRI) researchers and practicing engineers.

The mere presence of the vanes, however, reduces the efficiency of the rocket. Whatever amount of downward thrust pushes against the vanes cancels out an equal amount of the thrust’s upward push inside the rocket.

Other recommended subjects include:
Further Mathematics
Design Technology

In the discussions it is important to point out that the problems they encounter (time scheduling, bias, authority, communications, personalities .. etc) are all things that engineers face on the job every day. Solving these problems are every bit as important as solving differential equations, and the problem solving skills are learned in school, at home, and at their jobs. There's much more to aerospace than airplanes and rockets.

The objective of root cause analysis and problem solving is to not only reduce the number of issues (., undesirable conditions, defects, failures), but to minimize their impact on quality, delivery performance, costs, and ultimately on the customer. Often big issues originate with small problems that were discovered too late or were discovered, but were never resolved due to a lack of understanding the actual issue(s), incorrect analysis of the root cause, and/or ineffective actions being taken.

Aerospace problem solving

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8D Problem Solving - Aligned with AS13000 for Aerospace.

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aerospace problem solving
aerospace problem solving

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