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My special place descriptive essay

We have been teaching the Year 5 conversion of length... WOW the links are amazing... never taught this well until now... you should see our kids- they understand it!!! YEAH!!!
Suzanne Ross, Assistant Principal

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Create short texts to explore, record and report ideas and events using familiar words and beginning writing knowledge (ACELY1651)

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My Special Spot is so much more than a preschool.  We are a home away from home where your child will be loved and nurtured, constantly engaged and stimulated, encouraged to explore, build social skills and learn in a fun and exciting way.

 · My special place is a place that I basically spend my whole life there, 24/7 you’ll see me here wa

My special place descriptive essay

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My special place - YouTube

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my special place descriptive essay
my special place descriptive essay

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