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Sizeism essay

In this essay, we will be explaining and giving the definitions of prejudice and discrimination. Also, we will go in depth and elaborate about the various kinds of discrimination in today's society such as gender, disability, size, looks, monetary, status, education, sexual and racial discrimination. After which, we will give solutions and ways to reduce racial discrimination in Singapore. Finally we will end with a round up of conclusion.

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There aren't currently any specific anti-discrimination laws that have been put in place to prohibit sizeism, despite the issue being extremely prevalent. [2] Sizeist stereotypes (such as "overweight people are lazy" or "tall people can play basketball") are often ingrained in modern society.

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Three years ago,  Glamour  magazine asked Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity to conduct research on perceptions of overweight and underweight individuals. The study received a significant amount of press coverage and demonstrated that overweight women were more likely to be perceived as slow, undisciplined, sloppy, or lazy.

Sizeism essay

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sizeism essay
sizeism essay

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