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Poisonwood bible analytical essay

1.     What do we learn about cultural, social, religious, and other differences between Africa and America? To what Degree do Orleanna and her daughters come to an understanding of those differences? Do you agree with what you take to be Kingslover’s message concerning such differences?

Rachel leaves with Axelroot. Although she is free from the Congo and rejoices in her being relocated to South Africa, she quickly realizes that she is chained to Axelroot. She despises the man, as he is always abandoning her and leaving her to handle life at home while he tries over and over to complete missions that never pan out. However, he is her source of income. In a world where women are so belittled, it would have been nearly impossible for Rachel to leave without another man. For a long while, Rachel is trapped by constantly needing to be with a man.

Fear hasn’t changed that much. Today, we still have fear of the unknown, clowns, spiders, and ghosts. Big fears in today’s society included failing, not getting enough scholarships, or not getting accepted to a college that one aspires to attend, missing a mortage payment, infertility, and getting fired.

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All the girls mention the importance of balance. Different types of balance, but still balance. Adah believes in the balance between all things nommo. All life and all things being. Leah is constantly trying to find the balance in her life between feeling guilty and feeling responsible. Ruth May has the final say on balance in this last chapter of the book. When she forgives her mother and asks her mother to forgive herself, she is trying to get her mother to balance her own life.

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Barbara Kingsolver's The Poisonwood Bible: A Reader's Guide (Continuum Contemporaries) by Linda Wagner-Martin

The author spent a year in the Congo when she was seven after her father, a physician dedicated to medically underserved populations, took a job there. As a young child she was unaware of the politics and post-colonial history, but Kingsolver’s vivid memories of exploring the jungle made their way into the book. On her website, Kingsolver notes , “I wrote the book, not because of a brief adventure I had in place of second grade, but because as an adult I’m interested in cultural imperialism and post-colonial history.”

Kingsolver's novel struck a nerve particularly with female readers, who saw in her book a 'new' Bible that interpreted the patriarchal tendencies of Christianity in light of female experience. Just as the word 'Poisonwood' is a mistaken utterance by Reverend Price, so the Poisonwood Bible can be extrapolated to mean a revision of poisoned legacies, left by ill-intentioned white patriarchal regimes.

Though I kind of wish she had a bigger transformation, it makes sense the way she turned out. It fits the theme of the novel better. Yes she did get kind of screwed out of the life she wanted but I don’t think she got any less than what she deserved. Her sisters end up living for others. Rachel only ever lived for herself.

Despite these weaknesses, Kingsolver's fully realized, three-dimensional characters make The Poisonwood Bible compelling, especially in the first half, when Nathan Price is still at the center of the action. And in her treatment of Africa and the Africans she is at her best, exhibiting the acute perception, moral engagement, and lyrical prose that have made her previous novels so successful. --Alix Wilber

The Price family packs up their belongings for their flight to the Congo, where they are going to spend a year as the family of a missionary. However, shortly before leaving, they are informed that they are limited to 44 pounds of luggage per person. The Southern Baptist Mission League suggests they solve this problem by leaving for the airport wearing many layers of clothing, hiding household items among the layers of clothes to lighten their luggage. This is the first problem of many the Price family will face.

In fact they can and they do. The first part of The Poisonwood Bible revolves around Nathan's intransigent, bullying personality and his effect on both his family and the village they have come to. As political instability grows in the Congo, so does the local witch doctor's animus toward the Prices, and both seem to converge with tragic consequences about halfway through the novel. From that point on, the family is dispersed and the novel follows each member's fortune across a span of more than 30 years.

The oldest sister Rachael proves to be as vain as she is made out to be. Thus far, it does not seem that she shares a common interest amongst any of her other family members and would much rather stay propped upon her high horse in disgust of her family and those she has to share this foreign land with. In her accounts in book one, they are more filled with her disbelief of the clothing and disturbed at the elements that, as far as she knows, she will be forced to spend about 12 months in.

In the book, Nathan Price, a Southern Baptist missionary, drags his family on a mission to the Congo. What's supposed to last a year ends up lasting a lifetime. Some of the family leaves, others stay—but they all carry Africa with them forever.

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Poisonwood bible analytical essay

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The Poisonwood Bible: A Novel: Barbara Kingsolver.

The Poisonwood Bible | Barbara Kingsolver

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poisonwood bible analytical essay
poisonwood bible analytical essay

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