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Collaborative problem solving model explosive child

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“The world is changing too fast…Old fashioned ‘problem-solving’ no longer works.” – Marvin Weisbord, Productive Workplaces.  In a world where change is constant and the pace of change constantly increasing, the traditional approach of having experts go off to solve problems is not enough to deal with the complexity of the issues. Instead, experts are having to join with everybody else in learning how to solve whole handfuls of problems at once, to make improvements systemically.

Following are the items you must submit to earn this micro-credential and the criteria by which they will be evaluated. To earn this micro-credential, you must receive a passing evaluation for Parts 1, 3, and 4 and a “Yes” for Part 2.

While challenging kids let us know they’re struggling in some fairly common ways (screaming, swearing, defying, hitting, spitting, throwing things, breaking things, crying, running, withdrawing, and so forth), they are quite unique as individuals when it comes to the mix of lagging thinking skills that set the stage for these behaviors. This means that prior to focusing on the teaching of cognitive skills one must first identify the skills that are lagging in each individual child or adolescent. The precise skills that may be involved can be found on our Thinking Skills Inventory .

"Psychopaths can be very charming...when it is to their advantage, they can display a charisma that can disarm and beguile even the most wary individuals. Their destructive personality characteristics are invisible to most of the people with whom they interact. Their grandiosity (and) sense of entitlement...lead to conflict and rivalry with bosses and coworkers...some may even steal or defraud. One might think that abusive, deceitful behavior toward coworkers would eventually lead to disciplinary action and termination. But this is often not the case."
--- Paul Babiak and Robert Hare, Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work

This website connects you to a vast array of resources about Dr. Ross Greene's Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model, as described in his influential books Raising Human Beings , The Explosive Child , Lost at School , and Lost & Found .

Collaborative problem solving model explosive child

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PISA 2015: Draft Collaborative Problem-Solving Framework

Our Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS) Approach | Think.

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collaborative problem solving model explosive child
collaborative problem solving model explosive child

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