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Ma thesis oral defense

The phrase “That’s a good question” is useful. It flatters the asker and may get him/her onside, or less offside; it gives you time to think; it implies that you have understood the question and assessed it already and that you have probably thought about it before. If absolutely necessary, it can be followed by a bit more stalling “Now the answer to that is not obvious/straightforward…” which has some of the same advantages.

Anyone who decides to write a thesis should begin working on it near the end of their first year of study. For a full-time student this means deciding on a topic, choosing an advisor, developing a prospectus, and working out a timetable for completing the project, after completing the third quarter of coursework. For detailed information about thesis preparation, see the Conflict Resolution MA Thesis Instruction Booklet .

The Thesis Chair will act as the moderator at the oral defense at which only the committee members, the Graduate Coordinator are present.  The defense is not public.  The student will open with a brief presentation of his or her findings, after which the members of the thesis committee will offer questions about the substance of the research.  Observations or inquiries dealing with composition or formatting should be provided in writing to the Thesis Chair before the defense.

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Students must obtain the consent of a member of the graduate faculty willing to direct the thesis. In addition, two other members of the graduate faculty must agree to serve as readers for the project. Each reader must have access to at least one draft of the thesis, submitted well before any official filing deadlines. Students should agree to establish with each reader an appropriate schedule for reading and responding to the drafts.

Ma thesis oral defense

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How to Prepare for the Oral Defense of Your Thesis.

MA Thesis Oral Defense Procedures/Checklist for Economics.

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ma thesis oral defense
ma thesis oral defense

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