Dustin Worthington “I Love Cows” Essay Contest, Ilove cows essay contest

Ilove cows essay contest

"One reason Extension is involved is that it's a youth program dealing with livestock," said Dana Anderson, Mercer County 4H Youth development agent. "A lot of farms are dwindling down, and more kids are trying to focus on programs that they can establish to help them build character and establish farm programs for themselves."

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The farm abutted the thousand-acre Town Commons, which encompassed a managed white pine and red oak forest, as well as a blueberry barren planted on the sandy plain. Grampa’s own father had helped plant the white pines that gave their farm its name. In 1930, the town voted to establish the Brunswick Municipal Airport, replacing the sandy plain with aeroplanes.

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The Casey County News is your source for local news, sports, events, and information in Casey County, KY and the surrounding area.

The deadline for applications is March 1. When students return the application and essay, please make a copy of every application and essay and attach agent/advisor recommendation form. Mail the originals to:
Dustin Worthington I Love Cows
. Box 520
Harrodsburg, Kentucky 40330

Also handed out last Sunday was a surprise prize, for most valuable blogger, awarded to PinoyAtheist with 42 (forty two?!) posts! The purpose of this contest was to get members writing more about what it means to be a Filipino Freethinker, and for well after the contest period ended, John has been consistently writing about just that.

He even went through the first Ashrama stages following those of Brahmacharya and Grihastha. He accepted forest-life too. When it was time to fight, he fought. His life was planned. To conclude, I can say that the Ramayana characters were all ideals, and Sri Rama, the main figure, always came to the help of his nation and humanity.

The award was established in 2000 after the death of Dustin Worthington, a Mercer County teen who was involved in the cattle industry. Worthington was killed along with his friend Dale Goodpaster in an automobile accident on April 4, 2000, near the community of Mayo in Mercer County. In 2000, two registered beef heifers were donated and given away. Four heifers were donated and given away in 2001. Six heifers were donated and given away in 2002. In 2003, twelve heifers were given away. In 2004, fifteen heifers were awarded. To date 50 animals have been awarded.

Dustin Worthington I Love Cows Essay Contest. The Dustin Worthington “I Love Cows” Committee is honored to announce the details of the 2013 program. We...

The contest was redesigned to engage more attendees and serve as an additional educational tool at the conference on the importance of hay quality.

The idea that cows are dumb is a myth. Cows are actually very intelligent , curious and able to think critically and solve problems. Studies have shown that cows are capable of learning associations and using past experiences to determine their future actions. When faced with a challenge, cows get very excited with elevated heart rates and brainwaves. Some cows even jump in the air as if they are yelling, “I did it!”

Category 14-18

First Place - Cole Diggens, Missouri
Second Place - Kiera Leddy, South Dakota
Third Place - Tony Rice, Pennsylvania

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Ilove cows essay contest

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Dustin Worthington “I Love Cows” Essay Contest

I Love Cows essay contest awards heifers to 4-H and FFA.

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i love cows essay contest
i love cows essay contest

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