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Research proposal tu wien

NOTE! Documents issued in countries other than Austria are subject to notarisation regulations . All documents whose originals were not drafted in German or English shall be officially translated . Please have documents translated only after notarisation. The official translation must be inseparably attached to the original document!

CVAAAST aims to design and  develop innovative methods for data interpretation to capture the daily flood of information in interactive visualizations and analyses. Scenarios that involve temporal properties of such data are in the focus of our scientific interest.

Mag. Astrid Stakne,

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A diligently implemented and strictly monitored RM and ICS can improve the performance of a company and avoid major mistakes. The implementation of an RM and ICS is linked with high costs and expenditure of time. In a joined research project the IFM and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are working on the definition of a risk landscape and extended reference processes, including possible risks and opportunities. This also includes a proposal for security measures to cover the risks, as well as to use the opportunities.

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industriebau. Part B Research Project. For the link and some more details, visit our teaching page. For official submission to the. TU Wien Experience in ...

The PhD School is open for national and international students (not limited to the European Union), with an objective of a 50% share of international students. The Faculty of Informatics at TU Wien invites applicants from all countries to its "Vienna PhD School of Informatics". Furthermore, a women's quota of at least 40% is intended (averaged over 3 years).

Research proposal tu wien

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A Detailed Comparison of Information Visualization Tools.

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research proposal tu wien
research proposal tu wien

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