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Ba (honours) english literature and creative writing

Program admission for the BA English (Honours) requires: (a) 60 credit hours of university-level coursework; (b) a minimum GPA of in English courses and cumulative GPA of or better; and (c) permission of the program coordinator(s). Honours thesis topics are limited by areas served by (a) faculty competency and (b) available resources.

The classification system as currently used in the United Kingdom was developed in 1918. [1] Honours were then a means to recognise individuals who demonstrated depth of knowledge or originality, as opposed to relative achievement in examination conditions. [2]

Now English Honours finds so many takers because of the large scope of career options that it still leaves open for its students even after its culmination. Despite the myth that one can only go into the teaching field after graduating from this course, one can also venture into journalism, writing, editing, go for Civil Services, MBA etc. Hence, it automatically also becomes a boon for all those who are yet indecisive about the career path they have to choose.

There are also opportunities to practise creative writing and theatre, to make films or take a work placement in one of the region's cultural industries.

The course will equip you with the theoretical, philosophical and contextual tools to critically examine the process of literary production and reception, enabling you to make informed judgments about literary value and cultural capital.

Other first year modules will develop your knowledge and understanding of the different levels of language, and give you an opportunity to explore how language is used to make meaning. You will also explore how language differs from other types of communication and be introduced to how linguistic information is understood and processed.

 · Learn about the English language, ... The BA (Honours) English Language and Literature uses a variety of study materials and has the following elements:

Optional Access module – visit Am I ready? to find out about starting this course with a preparatory Access module.

Although your main interest may be in how to make the best use of your degree subject, there are many issues which are common to all undergraduates and postgraduates planning their careers. Some of these are covered in our Choosing a Career pages which will also help you to assess your strengths, weaknesses, interests, abilities and skills in order to relate career options to what you want from your career.

1.  Students must meet the Faculty requirements for Concentrated Honours, which include 54 to 66 credit hours in English above the 1000 level.  Among the English courses, students must take:

You will receive excellent teaching from internationally-renowned academics who are friendly, supportive and passionate about literature, with the opportunity to attend talks by visiting writers such as Carol Ann Duffy and Benjamin Zephaniah. 

To enrol for the BA Honours in English, a student must have obtained a minimum module mark of 60% for third-year modules in English. Students who did not obtain this minimum can apply to sit an entrance exam.

In Sociology you'll learn about institutions and social structures and their impact on our daily lives. You'll explore concepts of community, identity and welfare and examine issues including discrimination, globalisation, religion and belief, migration, deviance, feminism and modernity.

Education in Canada is controlled by the Provinces and can be very different depending on the province in Canada. Canadian universities typically offer a 4-year Bachelor of Arts (.) degrees. In many universities and colleges, Bachelor of Arts degrees are differentiated either as Bachelors of Arts or as honours Bachelor of Arts degree. The term "Honours" is an academic distinction, which indicates that students must achieve their Bachelor of Arts degree with a sufficiently high overall grade point average; in addition, some programs may require more education than non-honours programs.

This course focuses on English as a specialism. With additional modules compared to our other routes, you will develop a greater depth of English subject knowledge. This, alongside other modules, will provide you with all the relevant knowledge, skills and understanding required to become an outstanding teacher and future leader of primary English.

Our Mature Students and Access courses pages contain lots of information and, importantly, a point of contact to talk things through with you.

No. of Seats: 60
Programme/Course Fee: Please refer Prospectus of the current Session

In Literature your course will range between the study of key critical concepts and theories, important genres and great literary periods, including the Renaissance, the ‘long’ eighteenth century, Romanticism, Victorian literature, and the literature of the Modernist and contemporary periods. You will also choose from a wide range of option modules reflecting particular staff interests and research specialisms. These may include subjects such as postcolonial literature, children’s literature, film adaptation, and special authors such as Austen and Shakespeare. Further specialism is possible in a dissertation in the final year of the degree.

Ba (honours) english literature and creative writing

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ba (honours) english literature and creative writing
ba (honours) english literature and creative writing

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