BBC Bitesize - GCSE ICT - Modelling with spreadsheets., Gcse ict spreadsheet coursework

Gcse ict spreadsheet coursework

In both units, the opening pages of the CAB set the context, give an overview of the requirements and encourage students to organise their work. On completion of the activities required, students are given a checklist to help ensure that they have all the required evidence in the correct folders. The final stage before submission is simply to create a single page with links to the evidence.

It is also possible to refer to a range of cells collectively, ie E4:E12 includes E4, E12 and all of the cells in-between.

Each section is clearly outlined with colour coded worksheets , which take you through the development of a project from sections: Milestones, Risks, Progress, Managing Storage, Collect Information, Select Information, Format Information, Modelling with Data, Develop Information, Report, Evaluate, and Evaluating Other’s Use of ICT.

Wordsearch to be used as a starter or plenary for lessons about presentation software. Originally developed to support teaching of KS3 Unit ‘Using ICT’.

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ICT was one of 73 qualifications identified by ministers as needing significant reform. Exam boards were told to submit new syllabuses for teaching from 2017.

Gcse ict spreadsheet coursework

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Teach ICT - GCSE ICT - Spreadsheets

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: How spreadsheets work

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gcse ict spreadsheet coursework
gcse ict spreadsheet coursework

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