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Le Rire de la Méduse was written by Cixous in 1975, and translated into English as The Laugh of the Medusa in 1976 by Keith Cohen and Paula Cohen. This influential essay, essentially adressing women in order to « bring them to writing » (Cixous 875), is expressed in a beautiful and poetic language to convey the idea of the existence of an écriture féminine, which is already used by the author.

The most massive single volume of Joycean criticism of the last few years, recently translated [as The Exile of James Joyce ], is Helene Cixous' publication of what was, I suppose, the logorrheic dissertation which helped...

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Story of Medusa and Athena A long time ago, Once upon a time there was this beautiful Professor by the name of Harris. Harris stayed in the country by the name of Greece in the city of Athens. Professor Harris was considered the most lovely looking girl within a city full of pretty looking girls. Harris was exceedingly proud of her beauty, unfortunately and rarely talk or thought about anything else. Every day she would brag about how beautiful she is and how pretty she looks. Day after day her bragging became more and more out of hand.

Medusa. Anti Essays . Retrieved March 4, 2018, from the World Wide Web: http:///free-essays/Medusa-


Polydectes fell in love with Perseus' mother and wished to marry her but Perseus was protective of his mother since he believed Polydectes to be dishonorable. Polydectes contrived to trick Perseus; he held a large banquet under the pretense of collecting contributions for the marriage of Hippodamia, who tamed horses. He requested that his guests bring horses for their gifts but Perseus did not have one. When Perseus confessed that he had no gift, he offered any gift the king would name. Polydectes seized his opportunity to disgrace and even get rid of Perseus and asked for the head of the only mortal Gorgon: Medusa.

Free Essay: Medusa Medusa means "sovereign female wisdom." In Sanskrit it's Medha. Medusa was originally a Libyan Goddess, worshiped by The Amazons...

Carol Ann Duffy’s Interpretation
Duffy uses the imagery of the Medusa to show the power and destructive nature of jealousy. Medusa represents women who are betrayed by men and whose fine and loving natures are distorted and ultimately destroyed by their experiences. Duffy subverts centuries of misogynistic representation of women as evil, to show that it is men, not women, who are the root cause of the world’s ills.

The hair upon Medusa's head is frequently represented in works of art in the form of snakes . Freud considered that, as penis symbols derived from the pubic hair, they serve to mitigate the horror of the complex, [2] as a form of overcompensation. [3]

The plan was in place for the French to send four ships filled with soldiers and other friends of the throne to St. Louis along with its new Governor. The man in charge of the expedition was a man named Hugues Duroy de Chaumereys. As it turned out, he was not a very good choice for the jobÐ'--for a lot reasons. He hadn't been to sea in more than twenty years, had never commanded an entire ship, and some reports even claimed he was not a seaman at all, but a land-based customs agent. The only credential that qualified him for the assignment was a good, however: he was a friend of the newly re-instated king.

Examples in this essay of monsters and their hero counterparts will be Medusa and Perseus, the Minotaur and Theseus, and Polyphemus and Odysseus. ... Monsters are usually very hideous, with features like Medusa's snake hair. ... Perseus was also wise to plan ahead before going to kill Medusa. ... When Perseus takes on the challenge of cutting off Medusa's head, "Athene steps in to help, warning Perseus of the difficulties he will encounter." ... (), to chop off the head of Medusa. ...

The main reason for choosing the above critics and their respective essays is that within feminist theories, Cixous often comes to be associated with French feminist psychoanalytic theorists like Julia Kristeva and Luce Irigaray. In addition both critical essays are concerned with writing the body.

Medusa once had charms; to gain her love
A rival crowd of envious lovers strove.
They, who have seen her, own, they ne'er did trace
More moving features in a sweeter face.
Yet above all, her length of hair, they own,
In golden ringlets wav'd, and graceful shone.
– Ovid, Metamorphoses

Medusa essay

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medusa essay
medusa essay

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