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Ecommerce dissertation topics

Nurdin, N., Stockdale, R. and Scheepers, H. (2011). Understanding Organizational Barriers Influencing Local Electronic Government Adoption and Implementation: The Electronic Government Implementation Framework.  Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research , 6(3), -6.

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Mobile e-commerce, mobile commerce, or m-commerce is the next frontier in e-commerce. An increasingly networked and mobile world means that the Internet is no longer shackled to the desktop and a landline. It is now available in many mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Savvy retailers have been quick on the uptake, providing content and delivery mechanisms more suited to the m-commerce platform. There are various opportunities for m-commerce, from profit-seeking through customers’ calls and texts to custom-designed applications for mobile platforms. Some m-commerce dissertation topics are:

Analysing the impact of e-commerce strategies in building better relationship with customer: Case study of UK Fashion industry

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Examples of Electronic Business that are not E-commerce include registration and licensing processes, student enrolment, and court administration.

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Ecommerce dissertation topics

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e commerce dissertation topics
e commerce dissertation topics

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