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"Therefore, Ananda, be ye islands unto yourselves, refuges unto yourselves, seeking no external refuge; with the Dharma as your island, the Dharma as your refuge, seek ye no refuge apart from yourself."

Despite Ray's compassion for humanity, he finds that he is often misunderstood. His relatives grow irritated with his idleness and refusal to work or participate in family affairs. They do not understand his developing understanding of the world as neutrally meaningless, and thus wonderful. Ultimately, Ray leaves his family to return to live with Japhy, who is living his admirably simple life in the shack of one of their friends, Sean Monahan.

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For Hindus, dharma is the moral order of the universe and a code of living that embodies the fundamental principles of law, religion, and duty that governs all reality.

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The Classical Sanskrit noun dharma is a derivation from the root dhṛ , which means to hold, maintain, keep , [note 3] and takes a meaning of "what is established or firm", and hence "law". It is derived from an older Vedic Sanskrit n -stem dharman- , with a literal meaning of "bearer, supporter", in a religious sense conceived as an aspect of Rta . [16]

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According to Ray, one of the most important virtues is charity, and one of the gravest vices is righteousness. Does he live by his own standards? Has he achieved the capacity to be truly merciful without self-aggrandizement?

Dharma refers to the religious ethics as propounded by Hindu gurus in ancient Indian scriptures. Tulsidas , author of Ramcharitmanas , has defined the root of dharma as compassion. This principle was taken up by Lord Buddha in his immortal book of great wisdom, Dhammapada . The Atharva Veda describes dharma symbolically: Prithivim dharmana dhritam , that is, "this world is upheld by dharma". In the epic poem Mahabharata , the Pandavas represent dharma in life and the Kauravas represent adharma.

It could be said that there are noticeably inconsistencies, or at least, distinction in judgment of the meaning of dharma. So this means that it becomes hard to in a few words recap what the meaning of dharma is. One way to help portray the meaning of dharma is to may be observe the method that which the word is practised by Hindus – this may permit us to link the meaning of the word, which will clear up any doubts to its meaning.

The caste system, originally described in the Vedas, but much abused and maligned over the years, is nothing but a representation of an efficient human society. The four castes described in the scriptures are - the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas, the Vaishyas, and the Shudras. According to the Vedas, an efficient human society is based on the strength of its educational/knowledge-pursuit system (Brahmin), its military and defense system (Kshatriya), its economical and business system (Vaishya), and a strong, happy, productive workforce (Shudras).

Define Dharma , Karma, and transmigration of soul, and explain how these concepts related to the social structure in ancient India

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When Sita, Rama's wife, heard Rama was to be banished, she begged to accompany him to his forest retreat. "As shadow to substance, so wife to husband," she reminded Rama. "Is not the wife's dharma to be at her husband's side? Let me walk ahead of you so that I may smooth the path for your feet," she pleaded. Rama agreed, and Rama, Sita and his brother Lakshmana all went to the forest.

Essay dharma

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essay dharma
essay dharma

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