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Business case study tools

You may be facing such questions for the first time and have little or no background in finance and planning. Or, you may have extensive experience in these areas, yet still need to get up to speed on what belongs in your business case, how to write the case, and how to "make" the case with an effective presentation.

Business people sometimes call BCA by other names, probably to highlight the special focus of the study. They may call it financial justification, cost benefit analysis , total cost of ownership, or even return on investment analysis. In any case, what they mean with these terms usually fits the BCA definition above. Everyone involved should know, however, that none of these terms has a universally agreed definition. None are subject to widely-agreed standards. Consequently, some organizations write their own standards for case content and the case-building process. Note especially, however, that cases written elsewhere, under other local standards, can be quite different.

In the #MeToo era, allegations of sexual assault and sexual misconduct pose difficult issues for employers, particularly when allegations surface about incidents that occurred prior to an employee’s term at the company. This case, fictionalized...

A business case document should follow a fairly standard format that is relevant to any type of project. (See our guide: How to write a business case document .) However, there are particular considerations for different types of business cases. We’ve collected our content for various areas of IT, to help you prepare a compelling business case specific to your needs. We’ve included links to our definitions of related terms in each area to help you make the perfect business case and get the go-ahead on your project.

Many of the executives who took part in these transformations are interviewed in LEI's Senior Executive Series on Lean Leadership . After reading the case studies, be sure to get their personal perspectives on leading change. (Feel free to link to this page, but please respect the copyrights of LEI and journalists by not copying the articles.)

Many public sector projects are now required to justify their need through a business case. In the public sector, the business case is argued in terms of Cost–benefit analysis , which may include both financial and non-financial cost and benefits. This allows the business to take into account societal and environmental benefits, allowing a more comprehensive understanding of economic impacts.

From academic research to community based support, we are working at all levels of society and business to support the development of clean energy technologies in Ireland.

The sole role of a business case is that of a communication tool, composed in a language that the target audience understands and with enough detail to facilitate decision making on his or her part. There's no magic formula when it comes to the size of a business case. The size is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the business case provides all the necessary information to make the job of the decision maker possible. Brevity is always a virtue.

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“Birst has benefited us by getting us down to one source of data, one source of truth, and making that available to every employee quickly and easily.”

Trek to Teach is a nonprofit organization that sends fluent English speakers to teach in Nepal near the Himalayas. In addition to teaching, Trek to Teach strengthens local communities by helping schools build infrastructure, paint their classrooms, and find furniture.

Then add your case study to this growing bank of learning. If we had 10 more case studies, we’d have a much stronger tool. If we had 100, we would have the definitive business case for sustainable consumption. So get involved.

Business case study tools

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Business Case Analysis: Content and Structure That Make.

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business case study tools
business case study tools

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