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West point application essay

When you come to Point, you are immediately welcomed home as part of the family — and you’ll never just be a number or a face in the crowd. Instead, you’ll build authentic, lasting relationships with faculty and classmates who care about you. We challenge students to blur the lines between who they are and what they do, so they see life and mission as one and the same.

On Jan. 22, the city of West Point received a 2017 Live, Work, Play City Award presented by the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA), in conjunction with Georgia Trend Magazine, during GMA’s annual Mayors’ Day Conference in Atlanta.

To qualify academically at West Point you should have an above average high school or college academic record. A complete transcript of your academic achievement will be evaluated to determine your qualification. You should perform well on the ACT, Inc. Assessment Program Test (ACT) or the College Board Admission Testing Program Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT).

List the names of any persons who are employed by West Point Industries who can verify the information on this Application.

STEPS TO ADMISSIONS: THE WEST POINT APPLICATION PROCESS The following outline will help walk you through the admissions process here at West Point.

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We love our teachers, and so will you. We look for proven expertise and a sense of humor, and that's BEFORE we put them through 40 hours of training!

West gives employees access to comprehensive medical, dental, vision, life, disability, critical illness and hospital indemnity plans, along with unlimited, confidential access to a personal health advocate.

West Point Family Homes offers move in ready two-, three-, four-, five-and six-bedroom homes in single-family, townhome and apartment styles. Located at the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York, our residents enjoy a secure and comfortable hometown environment with the convenience of 24-hour maintenance, lawn care services and community events.

* If West Point is your first permanent duty station, please include a copy of your orders from Basic Training and AIT so that you may be given the correct eligibility date.

Whether it's golf, tennis, hunting, fishing, or just taking a leisurely stroll outdoors, West Point offers a variety of recreational pursuits. We invite you to explore our website and find out for yourself why West Point was named one of the "Top 100 Small Towns in America".

You must receive a nomination from an authorized source to be considered for an appointment to the Military Academy. Basic eligibility requirements are specified by law. You will be evaluated in the areas of academics, leadership, and physical aptitude, and must also meet medical qualification standards.

The academic program grants a bachelor of science degree with a curriculum that grades cadets' performance upon a broad academic program, military leadership performance, and mandatory participation in competitive athletics. Cadets are required to adhere to the Cadet Honor Code , which states that "a cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do." The academy bases a cadet's leadership experience as a development of all three pillars of performance: academics, physical, and military.

This means the school is extremely selective . Meeting their GPA requirements and SAT/ACT requirements is very important to getting past their first round of filters and proving your academic preparation. If you don't meet their expectations, your chance of getting is nearly zero.

Students at USMAPS are known as Cadet Candidates (often abbreviated to "CCs"); board and tuition are free and they are paid a small stipend as they are active members of the . Army. The course extends over a ten-month scholastic year and aims at training the "CCs” to cope with the academic and military rigors of an army education before attending West Point the following academic year.

West point application essay

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west point application essay
west point application essay

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