Importance Of Newspaper Essay In Urdu Benefits Of., Newspaper essay in urdu

Newspaper essay in urdu

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Apart from specialized vocabulary , Urdu is mutually intelligible with Standard Hindi , another recognized register of Hindustani. The Urdu variant of Hindustani received recognition and patronage under British rule when the British replaced the local official languages with English and Hindustani written in Nastaʿlīq script , as the official language in North and Northwestern India . [12] [13] [14] Religious, social, and political factors pushed for a distinction between Urdu and Hindi in India, leading to the Hindi–Urdu controversy . [15]

                                With the improvement and advancement in the printing press, newspapers can be read in regional languages also.  We can get the news of the world at very cheap rates.  Moreover, the newspapers express the view of the government on important matters of public interest.  They explain and elucidate the stand of the government on various programmes and policies.

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 · Essay On Newspapers: Their Advantages and Disadvantages. Article ... Everybody today wants to read a newspaper... Hindi, Urdu and in all other regional ...

A list of Pakistani newspapers in Urdu, English, and Sindhi. Pakistani news sites, radio, and TV channels also included in this page.

Newspaper essay in urdu

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newspaper essay in urdu
newspaper essay in urdu

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