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Cannes case study generator

“When we – myself and the agency team [McCann Melbourne] – started speaking to them and looking at imagery and reports from the safety team, we kept coming back to the same thing: it’s really hard to get hit by a train. A wrong or careless behaviour is required.” (Brownsell, 2013)

AMERICA HAS A GUN PROBLEM. Every year, 30,000 Americans are killed with guns.  With 6 out of 10 Americans believing that having a gun in the home makes it a safer place to be, gun sales are skyrocketing.  But studies show that owning a gun actually increases the risk of death & injury.

Winners of the 3x Grand Prix at the 2011 Cannes Cyber Lions:
Here are the three Grand Prix campaign case studies for the 2011 Cannes Cyber Lions…

Digital Cinema Media’s latest study, The Bigger Picture, looks at cinema advertising in the wider context of media and the role it can play in today’s changing media landscape. The study, conducted by Hall & Partners and launched in November 2014, proves that cinema advertising is processed by the brain more consciously, explaining why cinema is such a powerful, emotionally engaging medium for brands in today’s changing media landscape. The findings revealed that cinema is triggering advertising responses in a very different way to other media, particularly TV.

Even though the honeybee crisis hasn’t affected Häagen-Dazs ice cream, the company still chose to join the fight to help restore the honeybee colonies. This is being extremely socially responsible because they know the world wouldn’t be the same place without honeybees. Ingredients in more then 40% of their flavors require honeybee pollination. Häagen-Dazs saw an opportunity to use the power and popularity of its ice cream to educate consumers on the importance of honeybees. In my opinion, Häagen-Dazs doesn’t have any weaknesses regarding this crisis. They are doing something they wouldn’t have to do in order to increase awareness about this crisis.

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Less than a week after the Oregon challenge, Persepolis was targeted again in central Illinois’ Ball-Chatham School District, where a parent said it was inappropriate for the senior-level English students to whom it was assigned. He also “questioned why a book about Muslims was assigned on September 11.” The Ball-Chatham school board voted unanimously to retain the book in the curriculum.

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In India, there are many myths surrounding menstruation, including one that 'a menstruating woman should refrain from touching a pickle jar as the pickle could get spoilt'.

Each June, the global communications industry comes together in Cannes to learn, network and celebrate through a programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions and more.

Digital Buzz! Cannes Lions Grand Prix Winners 2015 (Videos) – With the Cannes Lions 2015 Festival of Creativity co… http:///baLpFuhkOY

 Content specialism. Campaign expertise. Data precision. BBC Advertising, partnering globally to create powerful marketing solutions.

For their 100th birthday Oreo wanted to boost front of mind awareness, create talkability that would build brand equity, and extend their fan base further. For a long established brand, this was an opportunity to capitalise on today’s culture and use digital channels to show their relevancy to today’s consumers.

Cloud 21 is a well established public relations agency, highly specialized in Film Marketing, PR, and publicity campaigns. Based in Los Angeles, USA with its associates worldwide, we create tailor-made campaigns for film-makers, which promote uniqueness. Our strategic approach increases our client's visibility and position in a crowded marketplace. Our team of publicity professionals have extensive publicity experience at major Film Festivals / Markets worldwide including Cannes,  Short Film Corner , Marche Du Film, Berlin, Sundance, Venice, TIFF, American Film Market, SXSW, HongKong FILMART and many more.

Cannes Lions is the world's biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry.

Hobbies, in fact, add color and substance to the otherwise monotonous life. If you want to indulge yourself in some recreational activities, then this article is the right for you. Explore the list.

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (formerly known as the International Advertising Festival) is the world's biggest celebration of creativity in communications.

Cannes case study generator

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Cannes Cyber Lions: The Winning Case Studies | Digital.

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cannes case study generator
cannes case study generator

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