Geography, Climate and Species of Earth s Arctic Region, Alevel geography arctic case study

Alevel geography arctic case study

You should understand that cold environments are distributed globally, with ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, glacierised mountain ranges in the Alps, Himalaya and Patagonia, high Arctic ice caps and glaciers, for example in Norway and Canada. Read the introductions to the three Antarctic Ice Sheets: the East Antarctic Ice Sheet , the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet . What are the differences and similarities between these ice sheets?

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Carbon Change Schools Project Module 2 – feedback mechanisms , Carbon Cycle Feedbacks , Ecosystem Feedbacks from Carbon and Water Cycle Change s

The world’s climate is changing . On average, the temperature on the Earth’s surface has increased by °C (1°F) over the last two centuries. *1 Most of the warming observed in the past 50 years is attributed to human activities and particularly to the burning of fossil fuels .

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As your plane circles over the landscape, you note that Antarctica is divided into unequal eastern and western portions by the Transantarctic Mountain chain, which is about 100 million years old. East Antarctica is a platform about 488 meters (1,600 feet) above sea level, composed of rocks more than 550 million years old, with younger rocks on top.

While it is considered a distinct region, the Arctic can be defined in a number of different ways. One way is to mark the border by 66° 33' North latitude (the Arctic Circle), which is also the boundary of the "land of the midnight sun." Above this latitude the sun remains above the horizon all day for a period during summer and stays below the horizon all day for a period during winter. These phenomena are called "polar day" and "polar night".

Since the majority of the Arctic is the Arctic Ocean along with straits and bays, much of the Arctic region is composed of a drifting ice pack which can be up to nine feet (three meters) thick during winter. In the summer, this ice pack is replaced mainly by open water that is often dotted with icebergs that formed when ice broke from land glaciers and/or chunks of ice that have broken away from the ice pack.

Rawlins A-level Geography: Home; ... The impacts of climate change vary massively both in ... Climate change and its effects in the Arctic may be the most serious ...

About 18000 years ago, much of the Northern Hemisphere was plunged into an ice age. In the UK, only southern Britain escaped being covered by ice. Scientists believe that this was one of as many as 20 glacial periods – each one separated by a warmerinter-glacial. Collectively, this period of time – lasting from 2 million years ago until about 8000 years ago – is known as the Ice Age. Some people think that we may still be in the ‘Ice Age’, and that the current warm period of a few thousand years is just another inter-glacial!

This topic is included in AS-level Component 2  and A-level Component 3  for OCR Geography. You can find notes and articles for it below.

As the Arctic loses snow and ice, bare rock and water absorb more and more of the sun’s energy, making it ever warmer. This warming has affected the region’s ice and hydrological balance: the late-summer Arctic sea ice has thinned by 40 % in some parts and shrunk in area by roughly 8 % over the past 30 years. Precipitation has increased by around % per decade …

The name Antarctica is the romanised version of the Greek compound word ἀνταρκτική ( antarktiké ), feminine of ἀνταρκτικός ( antarktikós ), [9] meaning "opposite to the Arctic ", "opposite to the north". [10]

Early cartographers were unsure whether to draw the region around the North Pole as land (as in Johannes Ruysch 's map of 1507 , or Gerardus Mercator 's map of 1595 ) or water (as with Martin Waldseemüller 's world map of 1507 ). The fervent desire of European merchants for a northern passage, the Northern Sea Route or the Northwest Passage , to " Cathay " ( China ) caused water to win out, and by 1723 mapmakers such as Johann Homann featured an extensive "Oceanus Septentrionalis" at the northern edge of their charts.

Methane hydrates are another form of frozen carbon, found in deeper soils. Changes to the temperature and pressure of permafrost soils (and ocean waters) could lead to methane, a gas with a much stronger greenhouse warming potential than carbon dioxide, being released. However, most of the methane is virtually certain to remain trapped underground and will not reach the atmosphere.

Alevel geography arctic case study

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AS Geography: The Arctic - Document in A Level and IB.

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a level geography arctic case study
a level geography arctic case study

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