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Ib extended essay plagiarism percentage

Pick a topic that’s one of your IB subjects or something that’s closely related to your hobbies or passions. In this stage, make sure your topic is broad, so you have room for exploration.

Any research question must be answered within the 4000 word limit, and therefore needs to be limited in both scope and economic content. A question which focuses on consumers in Singapore is in my opinion too broad. Selecting a cohort of consumers, such as working age males, would be a more focused approach. Limiting the number of economic concepts covered is also important. A good essay will explain one concept in sufficient depth and make links through the analysis to other related concepts. For example, an explanation of market failure could include links to elasticity but shouldn’t go any further to explain effects on economic growth, or inflation.

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Sometimes the program is so overwhelming for students that they start wondering why they didn’t simply do their A level so that their life would have been easier. Are you one such student thinking the same thing right now?

All ITGS extended essays needs a topic area and a Research Question (RQ). Teachers can help students select a topic area but students must formulate the Research Question themselves because there are awarded marks for this in criterion A. Often a student will need to perform some initial research to ensure that sufficient sources are available to successfully complete the EE.

Extended essays are marked by individuals named external assessors (examiners appointed by the IB) on a scale of 0 to 36. There are "general" and "subject-specific" criteria, at a ratio of 2:1 (24 possible marks for the general criteria and 12 marks for the subject-specific one). The total mark is converted into a grade from A to E. A similar system is used for theory of knowledge and students can gain up to 3 points for the diploma based on the grades achieved for EE and TOK. A scores of E on either the extended essay or TOK essay revoked the eligibility of receiving the IB Diploma (EE Subject Guide p15). [2]

Want help on the IB Extended Essay? Here's our complete guide, full of example ideas, essay topics, timeline, step by step plans to get a great score on your essay.

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Our recognition resource and document library has subject briefs for the DP, looking at every subject at both standard and higher level. 

It is important that the extended essay has a clear chemical emphasis and is not more closely related to another subject. Chemistry is the science that deals with the composition, characterization and transformation of substances. A chemistry extended essay should, therefore, incorporate chemical principles and theory, and emphasize the essential nature of chemistry, relating to the study of matter and of the changes it undergoes.

However, you can make a very good essay, provided you allot yourself enough time to write about something you are interested in. The IBO knows that you are between 16 and 18 years old and thus does not require a perfect essay or a groundbreaking new discovery. They just want to see that you can work on and complete a big project.

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Ib extended essay plagiarism percentage

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ib extended essay plagiarism percentage
ib extended essay plagiarism percentage

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